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May 5, 2012 05:05 PM

Tired of cinnamon/walnut/raisin Bittman bread. Any suggestions?

I have been making the Lahey/bittman no knead bread with either walnuts and raisins, dried cherries and pecans, or the olive bread for a while. All are great. But I need some new ideas for things to add. Figs and walnuts? Pistachios? almonds? I didn't really like the apricot/almond bread from his book--to heavy.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Try experimenting with this combination for your next loaf of bread. I was doubtful too at first, but I've come to like this combo a lot. Whole wheat bread with dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, millet, sesame seeds, and poppy seeds. Essentially, it's Yoga Bread, and it's very very tasty. Don't downplay the cranberry and pumpkin seed combo. It works really well ... especially with the addition of poppy seeds by their side.

    1. Try a handful of a dry cheese (parmesan, asiago) and a handful of chopped dill. It rose more slowly (probably the salt in the cheese slowing the yeast) and never really bounced up like the cinnamon/raisin dough, but quite tasty. Watch your cooking times, the cheese likes to scorch since the Lahey/Bittman recipe calls for such a hot oven...I uncovered it about 5-6 minutes early & took it out of the oven & turned it out of the dutch oven another 5-6 minutes sooner than recommended, then tossed my naked loaf of bread back into the turned-off oven to finish off for just about 10 more minutes.

      1. I like the King Arthur no-knead oat bread:
        I've also enjoyed a caraway rye version, and keep meaning to try adding roasted garlic.

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          Olive bread with rosemary and basil. When I make regular olive bread I use green olives and 1/3 cup of the brine.

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            mobirose, you couldn't be righter...the KA oat bread is wonderful, and a really handsome loaf of bread, too. I always double the recipe because my dutch oven is pretty big for the recipe, and we eat all of it in a few days.

          2. Pineapple-orange would be nice if you like a little fruit/sweetness. I like muffins made with chopped peanuts and grated carrot too--might work in bread. I haven't made the no-knead in a while, but you could experiment with different juices instead of water? Tomato juice with sun-dried tomato bits -- or chopped pepperoni.
            Blue cheese and pear, or strawberry-banana?

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              Thanks for all the suggestions. I just made the KA Oatmeal bread (regular rise, not no knead) and added chopped dates and walnuts instead of raisins. Also some vanilla extract. Most delicious...
              Next time I will try this with the KA no knead oatmeal bread.
              Thanks again,