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May 5, 2012 04:49 PM

Helen, Ga area

Please let me know any food finds in this area- never been - going for baseball with a big group- will be staying in Helen but traveleing to Dahlonega, Cleveland and Demorest.....

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  1. I wouldn't miss the Nora MIll Granary in Helen. They stone grind and sell cornmeal of every coarseness as well as porridge and other products. Their water-powered mill uses some of the oldest grinding stones still in use in the country.

    Their cornmeal is far superior tasting to store-bought cornmeal produced with metal rollers.

    If you go on certain days you can see the mill in action. The grinders are right there inside the mill. Ask Rich if he would give you some history and information on the mill and the grinding process itself - he'll be more than happy to.

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      It has been 3-4 years since I've been so bear that in mind.

      Nacoochee Grill was good but I can't imagine taking a baseball team there.

      We ate lunch at Hofer's and had a real good Reuben sandwich.

      Helen's Riverside Cafe was not very good. Reasonably well prepared stuff off a Sysco truck.

      You should be able to sell a stop at Nora Mill by telling the team that they can see trout in the tail waters of the dam bigger than they are.

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        Giant trout in the stream behind the mill? Really? I never knew that. I'll have to check them out the next time I'm there (and see if I can sneak a line in the water).

    2. The Smith House in Dahlonega comes to mind as far as a place to go with a hungry baseball team. Family style meals with meat and vegetable dishes for passing around the large tables. The several times I've eaten there over the years, I've found the food to be pretty good. Not the best country cooking I've ever had but far, far from the worst.

      Dahlonega was the site of America's first gold rush, and the U.S. put a mint there back in the days to punch out gold coins. Might be a fun stop for the baseball team if you wanted to work a little "edumaction" into the trip.