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May 5, 2012 04:49 PM

Non-mother's day birthday on mother's day in Hartford.

My mother's birthday falls right before mother's day. Because of other obligations (work, life) we cannot all celebrate the day of. However, since on mother's day we are going to the theater in Hartford, we thought we'd meet there for a special meal after. Late lunch, early dinner. None of us are that familiar with the area, so I thought I'd ask here.

What we are looking for:

Non-food related:

1) We don't want a place that is too emphatically celebrating mother's day if possible/overly noisy and crowded. We'd like to skip the pre-arranged menus and roses.
2) Not too formal, as most of us don't want to dress up a lot.
3) Handicapped-accessible at least to a degree/bathroom not up/down steps. Bathroom (I'm sure this is stating the obvious) should be clean and there should be lights so we don't eat in the dark.
4) Not overly expensive. My sister seems to be planning to treat, so I want to be sensitive to that.
5) Good (again, accessible) parking.

1) My mother likes meat and fish, but was recently diagnosed with an allergy to seafood. This upsets her, so I think we should stay out of places that feature seafood heavily. One of the members of the party is fairly insensitive to this (as well as to price points, which is why something less expensive might also be good), so if we could avoid seafood entirely that would be ideal, but I realize that may not be possible. Ethnic food and Italian food are both enjoyed, but probably not preferred.
2) We might want to bring a cake, so we need to either find someplace we can arrange that with or that has really exceptional cake themselves - and can provide it/arrange it without making too much of a fuss.

Suggestions? Of am I asking the impossible, particularly at this date?

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  1. I would think most every restaurant will be full of Mothers Day revelers next Sunday. I recommend Firebox. It's a farm to table restaurant with a variety of entrees and a nice low key ambiance. I'm not sure what your ideal price point is but you can check their website for prices. I would also check out J's Restaurant and if you can talk the others in your party into Italian, you can try Vito's by the Park.

    1. I agree with Chowmensch. It will be hard to avoid Mother's Day crowds. I'd also suggest Firebox but if that's too pricey maybe the more casual

      1. I have never been to any kind of decent restaurant on MD that wasn't overtaken by craziness and general mediocrity. Our local clam shack had a two hour wait for food last year. Seriously, I would go out the day before.

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          I'm following this thread with interest as I'm looking for an 11PM reservation for Dec. 31, in a place that is not acknowleging New Years Eve. One member of our party is on a raw carnivorous kosher diet, another is a vegan, and I only eat twigs and berries. Must be waterfront and under $12 per head somewhere in the downtown Worcester area. Free valet parking is mandatory, and nothing in the place can be any shade of muave. I'm 'a-scared' of muave stuff.

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              i wish Chowhound had a like button.

          1. any way of picking up some nice pre-made stuff and bringing it back to someone's house to reheat? not glamorous by any means but it will be much saner. also more flexibility. Mother's Day and Valentine's Day are the days when most diners know better than to leave the house.

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              It is so nice to amuse. Unfortunately, Saturday is not an option for a variety of reasons, and we'd still have to find a place to eat Sunday anyway. Take-out is out for the same reasons Saturday won't work.

              1. re: Kosherbyforce

                well, then you will just have to deal with mothers day diners. Go with the flow! Enter into the spirit of sappy sentimentality!
                I sympathize, my birthday is Valentine's Day, but I just would never go out to dinner then except to a hole in the wall ethnic place.
                At least mothers day moves around so every birthday does not fall on it.