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May 5, 2012 04:12 PM

What are you eating for Cinco de Mayo

Just wondering. :)

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  1. Well, lilmomma, for the "Cinco" part, I had a chipotle pork belly sandwich (from an organic grocery/deli) followed by a strawberry cheese quake Blizzard from Dairy Queen (because I ran a half-marathon this morning and felt entitled to some junk!)

    1. Pork chops, potato pierogies, sauerkraut, and rye bread. Must have gotten my signals mixed.

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      1. re: Querencia

        Oh, baby, that's funny. I had a salami hero if it's any consolation. I really could have gone with with you had.

        Anyway, it's over now, but I'm doing beef shoulder steak tacos tomorrow. More mixed signals.