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May 5, 2012 03:42 PM

Favorite Food App

I've been trying to find a few IPad cooking apps, because in a few weeks, if all goes according to plan, I will be without any cookbooks and most of my kitchen gear. I plan to have a few things with me, but it will be almost as if I am starting from scratch.

I haven't found a cookbook app I can recommend yet, but I have found another sort of app that strikes me as really useful: KnowledgeBook: Cooking. I found it by searching cooking on another app, Appsfire Deals. At any rate, you can find substitutions, amounts of sliced or cut produce, and equivalent measures. If you are trying to recreate an old recipe using odd amounts, such as coffee spoons of something, this is your app. But I like it because it will be a handy reference in a cookbookless kitchen.

Any apps you like for cooking or eating out? Know of a good cookbook app?

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  1. I found Pepperplate to be the best od the several I looked at (if by "cookbook app" you mean one where you can save recipes). It stores recipes online (where you can also access them with a regular computer, and they're accessed quickly. It's pretty easy to enter recipes, and auto-entry is available for a number of websites. You can organize by multiple categories, create shopping lists from recipes, and set timers.

    If you mean like a real cookbook, "How to Cook Everything" includes all the recipes and variations. Maybe a good choice if you're low on everything like you said, because it's pretty basic and has lots of variety. It' fairly easy to navigate.

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      I use Paprika for storing and managing recipes. I've been entering a few more to take along with me.

      I'm not planning on taking a cookbook. I will have to send a few things ahead, but no cookbooks. I've always wanted to own Bittman's book, but I've never sprung for it.

      For my transition time, between houses, I intend to use the web and some apps for recipe guidance. And the recipes I've stored in Paprika. I love being able to do that. I never imagined I would use the IPad in the kitchen before we bought one.

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        "I never imagined I would use the IPad in the kitchen before we bought one."

        I assume you've seen this video:

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          I bought the app Pages and download a lot of my favorite recipes that I use all the time. I have a stand for my iPad that is installed under a cabinet and use it in the kitchen all the time.

      2. My favorite food app is Macgourmet.

        1. Just found a great one. Pepperplate. It is a website and an app. Download the app on your phone or ipad, and go to the website, register and copy a bookmark that allows you to get recipes from other sites and put them all together in one place. Just find a recipe and go to "Add to Pepperplate" once you put that in your bookmarks.

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          1. re: wincountrygirl

            Sometimes you have to manually copy and paste recipes into Pepperplate. Not all recipe formats are automatically added.

            Mark Bittman's books (well, 2 of them) are available as iPad apps for much less than the book price.

            1. re: sr44

              Yep, I have that on my ipad. I'm loving pepperplate so far!!

          2. For cooking, I use the Epicurious app, and Whole Foods has a free cooking/recipe app with lots of good recipes on it. My favorite one of late is the Eden Foods recipe app:
            Most are vegetarian. I am not vegetarian but have been finding some good recipes here! This morning made some nice (and easy) waffles from one of their recipes.

            I also have the Bittman "how to cook everything" which I have not used much, and Jamie Oliver's app, which is well designed but you have to buy sets of recipes which include "how to" videos, I believe. Haven't yet sprung for many of these.

            1. I just came across this thread because I had the same question.

              I'm shocked at how few cooking/cookbook apps there seem to be out there, particularly for serious cooks. I bought the Bittman app, How to Cook Everything, and found it quite disappointing. It's very elementary and assumes that you are complete noob in the kitchen. If you have a basic set of skills and repertoire already (ie, you know how to roast a chicken or make a piecrust), then you won't find much of anything very educational. I do like the layout and design of the app, however. I just wish there were more/more interesting recipes, perhaps more comprehensive, like the Joy of Cooking.

              I am interested in another app, The Professional Chef. This one is a whopping $50, so I haven't sprung for it yet, but it is the full textbook for the Culinary Institute of America. It doesn't have any reviews, so I'd be keen to hear from people who have used it.