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May 5, 2012 03:20 PM

Goosefoot - 2 quick questions

Is it safe to walk to at night from the brown line Rockwell stop? I've never set foot in Lincoln Square in the year I've lived here somehow.

Dress code says "smart casual". Normally any tasting menu spot men should wear dress pants IMO but this seems more casual - are nice jeans and a button down too casual? I just want to let my guests know so nobody feels out of place.

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  1. I have lived near the Rockwell stop for over 35 years and have no compunction about walking around the neighborhood at night. Walking from the el stop you will pass Pizza Art Cafe, Beans and Bagels, Red Lion Lincoln Square, Nhu Lan's original location, Hellas Bakery and HarvesTime Foods among others. Monti's Cheese Steaks is just off Lawrence at Talman. Just beyond Goosefoot is Restaurant Sarajevo, featured on some of the Check Please reruns this weekend. This stretch of just over two standard blocks is well worth getting acquainted with. At least at night you are not likely to contend with too many two-child strollers.

    1. The neighborhood is safe.

      Nice jeans should be fine.

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        Thanks for the feedback, I feel silly for asking now that I went because the neighborhood felt plenty safe.

        It was actually a nice night for the short walk and we really enjoyed our meal.