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May 5, 2012 03:19 PM


any recommendations? going there in 2 weeks or so....old thread was the midwest forum from 2009, so I figure its time for a new one...

thanks ahead of time!

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  1. Not much has changed since 2009. My favorites in Saugatuck:
    Marro's - Italian - excellent pasta dishes and good pizza
    Phil's - don't let the outside fool you. Great for lunch
    Butler Hotel - traditional, nice bar. I usually have the walleye
    Wally's - fun for lunch if the weather's nice
    Drug Store - an old fashion soda counter you'll never forget. Only open on weekends during school - maned by high school kids.
    Overrated I think are Chequers, The White House and, especially, Toulouse.
    Never been there but highly recommended: Ida Red's for breakfast (Elbo Room is good) and The Belvedere Inn.

    We usually don't eat in Douglas because we like to walk but everyone raves over Everyday People Cafe.

    While you're in Saugatuck, be sure to ride the Harbor Duck if the weather's good. It's good fun and the the driver/owner is corny as hell. Be sure to take home a couple of loaves of seedy salt bread. You can get it at Salt of the Earth in Fenville or at the grocery store in Douglas.

    Saugatuck is lotsa fun. The above list is only a sampling of the eateries in the town. Try all you can and please report back.


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      Haven't been in a few years, but Everyday People was top notch (and very crowded), and I assume the same is still true.