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May 5, 2012 01:52 PM

soft shell crab

planning on pan frying some soft shell crab. never had them. how do you like to eat them?.. I'm leaning towand a sandwich. What kind of bread works well?

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  1. I'm with you - I'd put them on some New Orleans French bread and make a po boy out of them.

    1. I do enjoy Pan Fried/Deep Fried Soft Shell Crabs.....either alone or on a sandwich with Aioli or Remoulade....but my favorite way to have them is pan sauteed.....first dipped in flour and egg....then dressed in a Francese/Francais or other lemon and butter sauce enhanced with herbs and Concasse Tomatoes ...served with a starch of choice and vegetables on the side.

      1. To me soft shell sandwiches are the preferred way to consume them, but as with crab cakes, too much bread is not good. I'd toast a thin white bread like Pepperidge Farms or home made, flour the crabs and brown lightly in a little butter and peanut oil, and go with minimalist toppings, like a light spread of capered tart mayo on one of the slices. Mmmmmm. I miss callinectes sapidus.

        1. I love soft shell crabs far too much to bury in a sandwich. I just clean them myself, dip them in milk, then dredge them in flour. Sauteed briefly in butter, maybe with a split or crushed garlic clove. Then all they need is a sprinkle of lemon. I could see putting the tougher ones in a sandwich....but its the softest ones possible that I go for.

          1. I posted this thread on Friday, perhaps it will help: