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May 5, 2012 01:28 PM

Bachelorette Dinner Lower East Side

I'm looking for a place to have a bachelorette party dinner in the LES. Group of young twenty something girls from NYC. I was thinking Stanton Social or Beauty on Essex. Any suggestions? Also looking for a fun place to drink and dance afterwards. Thanks!

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  1. Those are precisely the two I was going to suggest.

    This board cant recommend dance clubs, only food and drink. Try guestofaguest or UrbanDaddy

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    1. re: thegforceny

      Great. Thanks. Any opinion on which is better? Or differences between the two?

      1. re: ilovemaps247

        Some might consider Stanton Social a bit passe - Beauty & Essex is newer and a bit hipper. Same chef though.

          1. re: ilovemaps247

            Also worth noting that Beauty & Essex serves champagne in the ladies room. If that doesn't scream bachelorette party I don't know what does.

    2. I just recently went to a Bachelorette dinner for at 'inoteca and it was excellent. They served everything family style (salads -- including an amazing beet salad with hazelnuts, charcuterie platter, eggplant, mussels and clams in white wine sauce, roast chicken, nutella panini, cheese platter) for only $40/pp.

      There was plenty of food to go around (and we had a ton left over), and everything was delicious. The wine selection is decent. Plus, they seated us in their "wine cellar." There were two other (smaller) parties downstairs, but it was small enough to give the room a private feel. You could do dinner at 'incoteca and then head elsewhere for cocktails.

      I like Stanton Social and agree that a small plates style place would be good for a Bachelorette, but found some of the items to be hit or miss, when you start ordering cocktails, the night becomes pretty pricey.

      Can't comment on Beauty and Essex as I've never been there, but have been meaning to try it.

      1. Thanks everyone! Beauty & Essex, it is!