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May 5, 2012 01:17 PM

New Orleans One Dinner

I will be in New Orleans for work (on a Monday). Need recommendations for dinner on a Monday night. I tried to make a reservation at Cochon, but they are booked. Any recommendations for other restaurants in New Orleans for good southern cooking? I will be dining alone and have transportation and will drive any where.

By the way, how is Cochon for lunch (the one in Lafayette)? I have to drive from New Orleans to Shreveport for work and thought about stopping in Lafayette for lunch on a Tuesday. Any recommendations for dinner in Shreveport?

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  1. Is the Bon Ton open on Monday nights? Herbsaint, MiLa, Coquette, La Petite Grocery?

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      Thanks noradeirdre. I decided to make a reservation at Coquette after looking at all of the menus. Herbsaint was interesting as well, but they are booked solid.

    2. The Cochon in Lafayette is a worthy detour, as is Prejean's. I'm with noraD: Herbsaint!

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        Dons Seafood restaurant downtown lafayette is a pretty good classic old school cajun restaurant I recommend it.

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          Thanks joedontexan. I will consider Dons Seafood if I have lunch in Lafayette.

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          Thanks sanglier. I tried to make a reservation at Herbsaint and they are booked solid. I decided to make a reservation at Coquette.

        3. I've not eaten at the LFY Cochon but my friends over there, Certified 100% bottled-in-bond coonasses, say they don't think it is worth it. The target customers seem to be passers-through and the moneyed gang nearby. "Upscale caun" is fine for New Orleans, where the food is different, but in the heart of Acadiana it seems silly. I don't care for the cutsey decor, either (restaurant design has goten out-of-hand in my opinion).

          Cafe Vermillionville, on Pinhook, has very good turtle soup.

          A friend in Shreveport always goes to something called "The Cub" when he is not at the Petroleum Club. That is the only name I know up there. I usually get a sandwich by the courthouse.

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              the cub is fantastic! great hole in the wall….old school shreveport. our other favorite is noble savage downtown. always top notch!