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May 5, 2012 01:09 PM

Opinions on samosas and spring rolls for party


I'm looking to serve veggie samosas and veggie spring rolls for about 15 folks. Any opinions on the best places to buy them? Swad and Curry in a Hurry are in the running for Samosas @ $1 if I buy 20. Not sure if each is equally tasty and substantial.

Thanh Nhi for veggie Spring Rolls? I'd like the 'fresh', non-fried variety.

Thank you,

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  1. you could also call hot breads on mcneil and 183 for a larger samosa order price.

    1. There's also an Indian grocery store at Spicewood Springs and 183 (same shopping center as Asia Market and Chen's) that sells samosas at larger quantities (must be pre-ordered).

      1. Veggie Somosa from Bombay Express, very good stuff.

        1. Whole Foods downtown now makes pretty good veggie samosas daily. You can find them in the prepared foods section. I expect you could pre-order some.

          1. Thank you for the good input. I may go with SWAD due to location. Any opinion on the fresh veggie spring rolls between Tam Deli and Thanh Nhi (as they are also close by)?