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May 5, 2012 12:06 PM

Where to go out for a good (reasonably priced) meal within a 5 - 10 minute drive of York University.

Looking for something delicious, though not necessarily fancy. Thanks!

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  1. Let me suggest Best Grill, a smallish Middle East joint on Steeles Ave. between Dufferin and Keele Sts., next to a Home Depot. My favourite Middle East spot for the past year or so. I've never approached it from the west, but I imagine it's a 10-minute or so drive from York U. at Keele and Steeles. Busy at lunch, more relaxed at dinner, which is when I usually drift in. Tasty soups (mostly $4), especially the lentil and beet borscht. Full dinners (including salad, choice of potatoes and relish tray) for mostly $12-$17. I like the garlic chicken and/or the rainbow trout mains, but everything's well prepared, and with flair. Also assorted sandwiches and smaller plates that are popular at lunch. A cut or two above most Middle East restos in the area. Lots of nice extra touches, including chilled mugs for beer. Full bar.

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    1. copper chimney is not too far (by bike), i assume it's reasonably quick to get to by car.

      1. Pho Mi Asia, 1008 Wilson Av. at Keele is consistently good, excellent broth and lots of choice.

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        1. I would suggest Zest Grill. It is east of Keele on the north side of Steeles. The food I simply prepared, fresh market and seasonal. The chef and owner Joe was executive chef at Paese/ L-Eat Catering for years. Best value in a neighborhood devoid of good choices.

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