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May 5, 2012 11:11 AM

Summer Sipping - alcohol & otherwise

What do you enjoy sipping when the sun is high in the sky, the breeze is taking a nap & the afternoon is lingering on?

I like to have a frozen Mason jar filled with icy cold gazpacho to perk me up until it is time to think about the next meal. Add a good book, some soft music & a comfortable chair & call it an afternoon delight!

Oh yes, maybe just a teeny weeny bit of something to munch on, not much you know. Oh heck, it is too hot to cook anyway, so just have a little bit more munchy.

So set the scene, share the recipe & call it good.

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  1. under the giant acacia tree in our backyard with a roasted chicken from the market, a fragrant muskmelon, and a chilled bottle of Rose. Noise ordinances prevent you from mowing the lawn, and most of the stores are closed (I'm in Europe) -- so Sunday afternoon frequently means you really have nothing else to do but laze around the back yard and read.

    Dinner will be a salad of tomatoes, cucumber, feta, mint, and couscous with a squeeze of lemon juice and a drizzle of olive oil.

    (looking out the window at the gloomy grey - not sure this is a good daydream or not!)

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    1. re: sunshine842

      Cucumber water
      Gin and tonic
      Tinto de verano
      Ginger beer

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        ok. i miss cold sour plum juice. where to get (without getting on a plane) or how to make?

      2. When the weather gets warmer like to sip:

        Gin and Tonic
        Margarita on the rocks
        Dark rum and ginger juice
        Blended Chi-Chi (coconut pineapple & vodka)
        Fruit Punch (make strong Hawaiian Punch with syrup, Kool-Aid, from Frozen juice section, etc.)
        Ice Water
        Beer very cold (on ice long enough in a good cooler to get to perfect drinking temperature).

        I like ice after it melts and starts to get soft with little holes in it. Can chew it then without hurting my teeth when no one is around to bother. We call it holey ice.

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          Ginger juice: one pound small fresh ginger pealed with a spoon sliced thin with a sharp knife in one part of sugar and three parts of rice vinegar (often use one cup rice vinegar with 1/3 cup sugar and 1 tsp of salt I sprinkle the sliced ginger in before cover in liquid). Put sliced salted ginger in a quart mason jar. I have an old plastic top that fits and will not drip sticky juice. Shake once a day. Good after a week. Eat the ginger on sushi or with whatever then make drinks with the left over juice. Dark rum is a favorite. Also do all kinds of things like: is also good with soda water, ginger ale, 7-up alone with ice no alcohol is enough often. For a little extra when in the mood add rum, bourbon, or Canadian whiskey with lots of holey ice out of the cooler. Dark rum and ginger juice over holey ice is a favorite so post here to better explain how to make so others can enjoy.

        2. Water. And for some reason, room temp to cool works better for me than icy cold. Perhaps because one can down a large glass quickly without blood vessels constricting in alarm. Little or no solid food in really hot weather. Yogurt, gelatin, soup....

          1. Non-alcoholic: ice water with a slice of cucumber and a squeeze of lime. Or iced green tea. Fizzy water with a glug of hibiscus or bitters and a squeeze of citrus.

            Alcoholic: gin and tonic, aviation,margarita, mojito, anything I can concoct with the herbs from my garden. Although now I have a sudden craving to spike a jar of gazpacho with some ice-cold vodka. ;)

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              Have you ever tried cucumber & melon? I like to deseed the cuke & blend both in the blender.

              1. re: cstout

                I haven't, but only because I have dietary issues that make melons off-limits. It sounds absolutely lovely though. :)

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                  I read this today and thought immediately of this thread (Korean cold cucumber soup):