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May 5, 2012 10:30 AM

Bocelli in Gyw Valley?

Can anyone recommend Bocelli?

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  1. We used to like Bocelli. The last time we went the food was mediocre and the service was abysmal.

    1. All these people seemed happy with the place ..........but that dates back to 2010

      I was there in summer 2011 and it was great. I was the guest of a regular so of course we got very attentive service.

      The place is tiny and very busy and I hope crazyspice's experience was a fluke. I would hate to hear that they've slipped.

      1. Have only been there for lunch - maybe a half-dozen times in 2011. No problems w/service and food was always at least good, mostly very good. Have no idea about dinners.

        1. Not sure why this place gets buzz. There are so many places that do much better. Maybe its the 'ambiance'. Who knows, I just know one time was enough for me

          1. Bocelli at the Gwynedd Valley Station, for us, has always been hit or miss; most recently miss. As CS noted there has been a decline. We have not gone there for months and probably will not go again. Can't swing a dead cat in that area without hitting an Italian restaurant, as good or better. The train station is an interesting venue, but small and crowded with just 10 people and the food well some seem to like it?