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May 5, 2012 09:15 AM

Corridor Wine & Spirits or DC wine shop

Corridor Wine & Spirits
3321 Corridor Marketplace
Laurel, MD

Anyone familiar with this place? It's off the 295, south of BWI, on Laurel Fort Mead (198). We will be driving from BWI to DC and would like to find a wine shop. Their web site looks good but we're not familiar with the area. Can anyone recommend a wine shop in DC? We will be staying in Barracks Row but sight seeing. Thanks

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  1. I go there often its a good place to look for wine - they typically have a wine tasting in the afternoon its location is convenient ti 295

      1. re: Teddybear

        Thanks! Schneider's looks great. I like that fact that I can order on-line and pick up. It's also in the area we'll be staying.

      2. They are right next to 295, a decent selection of wines/beer/liquor from low end to Chateau Lafite. Don't know how much cheaper alcohol is in DC due to taxes.

        1. Thanks to agarnett and cfoodie also. Corridor will be our first choice to shop.