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May 5, 2012 08:16 AM

Federal Donuts protocol

The New York Times food sections article has convinced me to make an early morning great traverse to Federal Donuts to queue up for the chance at getting some donuts.

Is there a protocol? Is there a limit as to the number one can purchase; dictated by the establishment or just good manners? Queue up for a donut, donut protocol all thoughts I have never had before . Any chance of getting donuts a few hours later than 7 am?

Any comments by veteran customers would be appreciated.

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  1. Think soup nazi with South Philadelphia attitude. Not.

    Federal Donuts is going strong but without the overwhelming hoards of customers of the first few weeks. With the possible exception of weekends, if you get there before 10 you should be ok. At some point they often run out of fancies, but they are frying donuts to order until they start frying chicken - 11:45 I believe.

    The folks working the counter are great - totally welcoming. I don't think ordering a couple of dozen would be an issue. If you're talking five or six dozen or more, maybe call ahead.

    If you're making the trip to Philadelphia for donuts, consider a second stop, deeper into South Philadelphia - Frangelli's at 9th and Ritner - an old school bakery turning maybe the best traditional donuts in Philadelphia - especially the jelly donuts with black raspberry filling. Glazed are awfully good, too.

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    1. re: Holly Moore

      +1 Frangelli's. I liked the fresh donuts at Federal a lot but I have never had a bad fresh donut, though the Apollonia spice mix on these was definitely unique and above average. The fancies didn't do much for me, I should try some other flavors, but not on their own worth a long drive IMO.

      1. re: barryg

        Holly, BG
        Thanks for the detailed tips, very interesting and helpful. We know CC but not the Federal hood nor their rules. Thanks again. One Mulligatawny, please!

      2. re: Holly Moore

        ...I just want to say that I both thank you and kinda-but-not-really hate you for making me aware of Frangelli's. Looks like yet another stop on an already packed agenda in a couple of weeks.

        1. re: uhockey

          Call them before you head down there and make sure they actually have donuts at that moment, they don't usually have donuts available right when they open and they don't last all day.

      3. from my understanding, 1 ticket=1/2 a chicken=1 order. Donut wise, they have 2 kinds, the fancy donuts, they make a certain amount each day and when they run out they run out. I went there on a Saturday for donuts and chicken and about 12, the only ran out of 2 kinds of the fancy donuts. the Fresh donuts, are good for all day. Next time I am in Philly, i guess i have to hit up Frangelli's now, as uhockey said, thanks but kind of hate you

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        1. re: jester99

          Stopped by today around 12:30 for hot donuts and chicken. No need for tickets. Fancy's were sold out.

        2. Excellent information, I am sure to get it right & get donuts: He said hopefully. Tks