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May 5, 2012 07:21 AM

Seeking very special restaurant for family wedding in Oahu (Makaha / Ko Olina area)

Hello -

We'll be coming in December with 10 adults and 4 children to spend a week in Oahu for my wedding. We are staying just around the corner from the Ko Olina resorts.

We're seeking a special meal venue for the wedding 'reception' that will offer an excellent menu at no more than about $100 a head. We're open to a variety of cuisines but I suspect pan-Asian / Pacific / Hawaiian would be best.

We ideally would like a restaurant where we could get a private room or area booked - to enhance both our own privacy and to avoid having our kids bug everyone else!

Finally, a view of the ocean would be a big plus.

We are also seeking a nice, but less fancy, restaurant for the night before the wedding.

Any and all advice most welcome!

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  1. The place you are staying at, is it a hotel?
    How far do yo want to travel for the event?