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May 5, 2012 07:14 AM

Grand Cayman

OK...planning a trip to Grand Cayman with my husband and SK8ER boys sometime this summer. Any recommendations on top hotels to stay in and restaurants to eat at?

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  1. If you are going with a family of 4, renting a condo in Grand Cayman is a better idea. Many of the condos are very luxurious and their section of the beach is much less crowded than the beaches of the Ritz Carlton or the Marriott. For a first timer to Grand Cayman, Seven Mile beach is the best location. Since Grand Cayman is one of the safest Caribbean Islands, there is no trouble getting around in a rental car. It is not he Jamaica or Mexico. With the money you save on a condo, you will have a larger budget to try the better restaurants.

    Most of the restaurants are less than a 10 minute drive from Seven Mile Beach. The best restaurant is Blue, in the Ritz Carlton. Most people except for one poster in this forum, like Oestra Bay, it is bit over the top. I like Ortanique, in Camanan Bay, it has Florida inspired cuisine. Morgan"s Harbor has very fresh seafood, in an informal setting. Also very informal, and less expensive are Tim Buc Tuu and Afresco's. There are good many Italian restaurants in Grand Cayman, 2 of the better ones are La Dolce Vita, Luca's and Casanova.

    There are many more but i don't want to bore you. Stay away from the obvious tourist traps such as the Wharf and the restaurants in Georgetown near the cruise dock.

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      Thanks so much for all the tips! When is the best summer month to go?

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        The summer is hurricane season but the predication this year is that it will be a less active than average season. There is less chance of hurricanes in July than August, although I have gone in August without problems. Most condos are have specials making the rate about 1/2 the regular rates. A good source to look for condo is VRBO or Homeaway.

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          BigGeorge or others- If I am staying in a condo, where can I buy fresh fish to grill. Our condo is on 7 mile close to the Marriott. Thanks.

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            Many days of the week you can buy fresh fish on the waterfront in George Town next to Hammerheads Bar, but you have to get there early. The supermarkets will have a selection of fresh fish also, make sure its is labelled "local".

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              Make sure you sniff the fish sold at supermarkets, before its weighed and packaged for you!
              Oh and I've found out that the label "fresh" is slapped onto fish that has been frozen and thawed out - if you ask, the supermarket staff will say "oh, its fresh". What they actually mean is that its been frozen and thawed out (not freshly caught the same day). This is not a bad thing in itself. But if the fish has not been very fresh before freezing, and stands around for quite a while after thawing, the customer ends up buying fish thats on the verge of going bad. I've sometimes bought fish or shellfish from the fish counter that has smelt pretty disgusting.
              My workaround is to use an icebox for storing groceries while shopping and primarily buy frozen fish that's been packaged professionally.
              An alternative is to buy at the harbour front as described above. Haven't done that recently, so I can't comment on the freshness.

              I seem to remember seeing an ad recently that Rackhams or one of the neighbouring eateries will cook the fish that you purchase at the waterfront. They cook it and do the sides you want, if you bring the fish and pay a small sum. Can't remember the details, sorry.

    2. Don't miss Welly's Cool Spot. GREAT tasting food, VERY inexpensive prices. This is NOT a tourist spot, but well-favored by the locals. Not in a great location, so I'd recommend take-out. It's been many years since we've been, but I still remember how wonderful the Lobster Cayman-style was. Goat curry is the local favorite.

      1. thanks so much for all the info!!! Still trying to figure out where to stay and when the time to go is...