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Mexican Breakfast in Mpls

Every so often I get a hankering for Mexican breakfast (huevos rancheros, chilaquiles, etc.) Any recs? I'm interested in Minneapolis only, and am looking for a Mexican restaurant and not breakfast places that have a Mexican-inspired item on the menu. Thanks.

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  1. My favorite in St. Paul is El Burrito Mercado for breakfast. I think they are opening or already have opened up in Midtown Market. Maybe I'm mistaken.

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      Sorry, I should have checked it out before I spoke. El Burrito Mercado is opening in the summer at the Midtown Global Market.

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          The Midtown Market is in Minneapolis. I think the St. Paul was just for context (if the St. Paul one is good, the Mpls one should also be good in theory).

      1. I think Sonora Grill at MGM has breakfast stuff.

        1. i have not found many places that are open at breakfast time. La Terisita opens at 11:00 and has good huevos. they are on 34th avenue right off the crosstown hiway.

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            Las Teresitas rocks! I haven't had their huevos yet, but everything else I have had there has been awesome, including their great salsa bar.

          2. Not seeing a ton of replies, I'm going to suggest the Andale Taqueria Y Mercado for breakfast. However, against the OP's request, this joint is located on the Richfield/Bloomington border so feel free to disregard this post.

            1. not to pile on the MGM posts, but my favorite chilaquiles in town are at la loma.

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                boy that la loma desuyano menu looks delicioso!

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                  Thanks ike...I didn't realize that La Loma served breakfast - I'll check it out. Here's their menu page btw:


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                    i have not been able to find huevos rancheros at breakfast hours but i like the huevos at Cocina Latina at 38th and Nicollet. theirs have a hint of Ecuadorian flavor, they have an interesting Ecuadorian salsa served on the side. I also like La Mixteca (they open at 10) at 7822 Portland in
                    Bloomington .

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                      i just learned that La Mixteca is starting to open early 7:00

                2. Went to La Loma's in St. Paul near Phelan for desuyeno. Partner got chilaquiles which were better than my huevos rancheros. Next time, I'll order my eggs runny as they came out well done (on both dishes). The chilaquiles and fresh tortillas that came with the huevos rancheros were delicious. Tamales, excellent.