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May 4, 2012 10:34 PM

BackAYard now has a new 2nd location: Downtown San Jose!

BackAYard, the Caribbean American food from Menlo Park, now has a brand new place that opened Fri 5/4/12 Downtown San Jose location on 80 Market St (between St. James/St John). I hope to try it for lunch next week - I loved their oxtail & jerk chicken when I had it at the Menlo Park location.


Sun closed
M-Th 1-3; 5-8
Fri 11-9
Sat 12-8

Ph: 408-294-8626

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  1. We just went there today and were happy to see that the quality of the jerk chicken and pork seems to be the same as in the Menlo Park location.

    They did have fresh ginger beer which I don't remember seeing in the other location. I enjoyed it very much.