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May 4, 2012 09:21 PM

Cinco de mayo --- WHERE???

Where are peeps going tomorrow night to have fun? I really would love a great fresh suggestion.

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  1. Would help if you'd say which part of New York State you're in...

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    1. re: EZ Pass

      interested in hearing recs - have car, will travel!

    2. ended up at Hacienda Don Manuel in Suffern

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      1. re: smilingal

        How is it? We went to tequila sal y limon in Suffern. Better than Ole Ole in my opinion... always looking for somewhere new to try.

        1. re: Sdenred

          It was good - the salsa was great! - and the service was terrible - but again - it was their busiest day of the year so not fair to judge. It was our first time there - the place inside was surprisingly nice! How was tequila sal y limon? We too always look to try new places.

          1. re: smilingal

            I like it much more than Ole Ole, better service and the food isn't so chain-like.

      2. my house. grilled fish with home made slaw tacos, grilled corn with cotijo cheese (excellent), homemade guac, those excellent Fairway homemade chips, mango and jimacai (sp?) salad. I did by the tortillas and salsa. Next year may try tres leches cake. All recipes from Chow!

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        1. re: jwg

          point me to the recipe you used for the grilled corn with cotijo cheese please!

          And your meal sounds terrific - I'm sure better than what I had! :)

          1. re: smilingal

            actually, it's on chow: here's the title: Grilled Corn with Cayenne, Lime, and Cotija Recipe. It was fun and yummy. May make a tradition out of going to my own party!

            1. re: jwg

              jwg, where did you get the Cotija cheese? My husband has requested that I make this corn this weekend, but not sure where to buy the cheese. So before I start running around tomorrow, I thought I'd ask.


              1. re: valerie

                At Fairway in Pelham. It is sold in a triangle, and resembles feta before you break it up. Not as strong tasting as feta.

                1. re: jwg

                  Thanks. I ended up finding it in Shop Rite in Scarsdale but it was more like a finely grated cheese rather than a block. My husband loved the corn and he is on my case to make it for our July party. Maybe next time I will try the cheese from Fairway just to compare.