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May 4, 2012 07:22 PM

New 5 qt dutch oven! Recipes for inauguration.

I already have leads for chili, beef stews, soup and baked beans. Anything else that rocks?

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    1. No knead bread......

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          Gotta +1 this! ETA--OOps, meant to reply to todao.

        2. This has been asked and answered many times - you'll find hours of reading if you search this board. There is no advantage in using a DO for soup or any stews that do not require long, slow cooking (e.g. seafood). DOs are heavy and must be handled carefully. If you have another large pot, use that for the soups and other shorter-cooking dishes. DOs really shine in roasting and braising meats and poultry. If you have a naked cast iron DO, you may not like the iron taste that comes through if you use acidic ingredients like wine, tomato, or vinegar. On the other hand, after repeated use, naked iron absorbs flavor from herbs and spices that it then contributes to the meats as they cook. I inherited the piece my mother used for decades for pot roast - it is permeated with the scent of clove, bay leaf, and onion. I've made pot roast in my enameled cast iron too - it's not as good.

          1. Layered Chicken Three-Cheese Enchilada in a Dutch oven by Williams-Sonoma

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              I'm going to try this on Tuesday.

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                I didn't like it, it wasn't that fun to eat. I don't think layering the enchiladas like this is that fun.