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May 4, 2012 06:47 PM

30th Anniversary dinner in the Dordogne

We are returning to the Dordogne this June for our 30th anniversary. We have rented a gite outside of Sarlat. As we are foodies going out to dinner will be the way we celebrate our anniversary. During our trip in March we had meals, mostly lunches, at Le Pres Galliardou, La Gabarre (lunch & dinner), Rossignol (dinner) and L’Auberge de l’Etang Joli. We tried to get reservations at Le Grand Bleu in Sarlat but they were booked the night we were interested. Any suggestions? TIA.

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  1. Our favourite place for celebrations, but for lunch rather than dinner is about 40 minutes from Sarlat, at Tremolat the Vieux Logis

    They offer at lunch, during the week only a 'Menu Tapas', which is not Spanish at all, but a selection of beautifully prepared small dishes, which are not only delicious, but interesting. It's a kind of 'menu surprise, and you wont know what you are eating until they bring it (although they do ask for any allergies/dislikes)

    The restaurant itself is beautiful, whether you eat inside or in their attractive garden. It's about 40 Euros a person, all included, plus whatever wine you choose - they offer several local options, which aren't expensive. We usually choose one of these.

    This is, as I say, our favourite place for celebrations. On the way you can stop in Cadouin, or at Limeuil, where the Dordogne and Vezere Rivers meet.

    Closer to Sarlat, and I think just as good as Le Grand Bleu, is Le Saint Martial, at Saint Martial de Nabirat, just south of Domme/Cenac.
    The owners are charming, and the restaurant extremely good.

    1. I will second the Vieux Logis suggestion. Lunch is now € 45 per person for the Tapas lunch & well worth it, especially if it is sunny as the outdoor terrace is in a class of its own.

      In Perigueux, for Haute Cuisine, you must go to L'Essential. If you're looking for more brasserie, L'Estaminet is very good and again they have a quiet terrace if it is dry. Au Grain du Sel is also a superb place but no outdoor space.

      I have not eaten at Le Saint Martial but I have heard very good reports.

      1. AGM

        I'm also a Cape Codder - Wellfleet - and a big fan of the Dordogne. I also reccomend Le Vieux Logis but go ahead and spring for dinner. It's pricey but terrific. I did my 60th birthday party there and don't regret a euro of it and the euro is at it's lowest in years. Enjoy.

        I have also enjoyed Le Ponte d"Ouyesse (I probably didn't spell that correctly) outside of Souillac and don't miss lunch at Relaise St Anne in Martel. I think they only do lunch Friday - Sunday. Its superb. and the setting is lovely.

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          "Le Ponte d"Ouyesse (I probably didn't spell that correctly)"

          Practically correct.
          "Le Pont de L'Ouysse". :-)

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            Except that lunch is a different thing. What we love is the 'menu tapas' which isn't offered at dinner. It's still a great restaurant with a wonderful setting, but the really unusual menu is at lunch time. And it's a long drive back to Sarlat in the dark.

            1. re: carlux

              That tapas lunch menu is not only delicious but great value.

            2. re: dave11743

              Dave, nice to hear from a neighbor. I will look for you at the Oyster Fest though you probably hide from the crowds that day.

              Your suggestions are in a totally different direction than we have been considering. We will look into them. Thanks.

            3. I think the Vieux Logis has a tapas evening equivalent at € 98.

              I ate at the Vieux Logis last Monday lunch time. It was a french holiday, so there was no tapas. We went 'a la carte'. The meal was superb.

              1. We booked the Vieux Logis for our anniversary lunch and are looking forward to it.

                In looking for other venues we noticed that Le Saint Martial appears to be closed for the period June 25 through July 5. Is that normal for this area in the season?

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                  What sometimes happens is that people who know they will be VERY busy in the summer take some time off in June. We see this in the markets, not normally in restaurants. But this is a small restaurant, and they may have a family emergency, or whatever. So I wouldn't say it is normal. Just on of the many reasons why we always recommend people book before driving to a particular restaurant.

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                    Forgot to say hope you have a great time at the Vieux Logis. Also, if you have a chance to see the great Claude Chabrol film 'Le Boucher'. which was filmed in the village of Tremolat, you'll recognize the school and the village. And on the 7th or 8th viewing, you can even see a tiny illuminated sign for the Vieux Logis. Highly recommended.