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May 4, 2012 06:13 PM

cream cheese cakes are back! (dutchess - lagrangeville)

once upon a time, i found these great cream cheese cakes made my kristin (formerly dietrich) frisina. i think it was at the rosendale street festival...and occasionally i bought them from adams, but other times, at a couple of the roadside stands on rte 9w.

then she opened a place in gardiner, and sold the cream cheese cakes there, but it changed hands, and they haven't been available in any type of bakeries or delis for a while.

well...she's back. you have to go to the east side of the hudson (fortunate for me!) but is now at seasons cafe and bakery, 2411 route 82, lagrangeville, ny , 845-592-4777. they're open seven days a week, mon-fri 6 am - 4 pm, sat / sunday until 3. she tells me that they'll be doing "specialty night dinners and gourmet to go as well".

i'll be heading down there soon, as we're having some friends over this weekend, and i want to pick up one of the cheesecakes for it.

oh, i forgot the site - it's the menu is breakfast and lunch deli items, with smoothies as lunch.

here's a link to my posts long ago:

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  1. Is that the bakery that's right next to the Billings post office? Thanks for the heads up.

    1. I stopped by Seasons Cafe this morning after a doctor's appointment. It's next to the Billings post office (where Enchanted Bakery used to be). There were some minor renovations to the interior. It's still a very warm and inviting space, perfect for a leisurely lunch over a book or a quick breakfast sandwich on the run.

      The baked goods in the display cake all looked great. I saw some red velvet cupcakes, squiggle mini cupcakes (reminiscent of Hostess chocolate cupcakes), carrot cake, cheesecakes, and the famous cream cheese cakes. Initially, I was a little confused because I thought that the cakes that bob gaj was talking about were cheesecakes. They're not cheesecakes, but delicious cakes made with cream cheese that came in two varieties (I think), apple and blueberry. It was reminiscent of coffee cake without the cinnamon streusel topping. All I know is that I bought a blueberry cream cheese cake for my co-workers and it was gone within the hour. Absolutely delicious. They're open from 7-3 on Mother's Day, so I'm planning to pick up one or two before I head down to my in-laws. I also enjoyed samples of the apple version and some carrot cake...fantastic.

      From their menu:
      egg sandwiches
      french toast
      various sandwiches that range from $4.50 to $7.25
      Description of a few sandwiches:
      The Peasantwich: cheddar, fresh apples, red onions and Dijon on sourdough bread
      Turkey: w/marinated portobello, roasted red peppers and mustard on ciabatta
      Mediterranean Wrap: roast beef (or chicken) w/roasted red peppers, mozzarella cheese, and pesto aioli
      smoothies (Caffeine Scream, strawberry banana, Tropical Breeze)
      muffins, danish
      truffle cakes

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        Just got back from lunch at Seasons - the place is very very small - four tables and there really is only room for three. Everyone coming in seemed to know each other which was nice. My friend and I ordered two sandwiches and split them - one, the grilled chicken with bacon was good but the other "the lagrange" was so delicious - roast beef, caramelized onions and horseradish on ciabatta. We ordered some fries to share but they were not really cooked and full of grease so we sent them back - they were very gracious about it. I bought a cream cheese cake - apple, they had a lot of variety. The cake was really stuck to the paper and was hard to get out so it started to sink but I took a little bit to try and it was good. I also got a homemade twix bar to try and that was yummy too.

        Thanks for the tip!