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May 4, 2012 06:10 PM

Hinge, Northampton

Surprised this has yet to appear here -- has an interesting menu at a good price point and the place is already a hit in town. I had a very tasty piece of blackened catfish next to some unremarkable red beans and rice (where were the beans?). The food around me looked good and my friends were mostly satisfied. Good beer selection and a long list of taps.

Any other CH been there yet?


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  1. we thought it was meh, not worth mentioning either way. I bet it will be gone in 6 months.

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      1. re: magiesmom

        what in particular didn't you like? "not worth mentioning" must have been something not worth the cost or the trouble? I'm asking b/c I expect to be traveling to the area soon.

        1. re: Madrid

          Food ok, atmosphere ok, just not memorable on any way. Not terrible, not great.

      2. It is certainly a good use of the space. We wandered in just to check it out about a week ago. At 6:30 on a Friday night the first floor was packed (bit of a bottleneck as you walk in...). A bartender setting up on the next level, where they have a small bar with about 6 taps, told us that the owners are the same people that ran Karma, the raw food place that was the previous occupant. They thought a bar would be a better fit. Anyway, we didn't stay, but I'll be interested in hearing more feedback.

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        1. re: saintp

          I've been once and it seemed promising to me.

          Extensive beer list, good selection of wines and nothing on the menu is over $13.
          My side salad was fresh, tasty and more than enough to share.
          I had a fancy grilled cheese (w. robusto and cheddar) which was also very good.

          I think it will do well and benefit from when the Dirty Truth's is mobbed.
          And apart from the weirdly bright sign that blinds you when you enter, I liked the atmosphere.

        2. My husband & I ended up at Hinge tonight for dinner. We both liked it a lot. We aren't drinkers, but the 32 beers on tap made me wish I were in my 20's again!! The space is absolutely beautiful. The lacquered bar and table top is amazing. We sat at the table that parallels the bar and it looks like a huge slab of wood cut from the center of a very large tree and then lacquered heavily. I like the dark warm tones and it has a good vibe. We eventually realized we were sitting in the space where the Vermont Country Deli used to be!

          For dinner we split the garden salad and it was perfect. The lettuce was crisp and fresh with thinly sliced cucumber, pieces of tomato and slices of red onion, dressed in the house vinaigrette, which was very good. I had the pulled pork sandwich, and while it wasn't my favorite kind of pulled pork, it was exactly as described on the menu - dry rubbed smoked pork with onion rings on a roll. I added ketchup which made it taste really good! The pickle was great and the fries were the skinny crisp kind. Fries weren't as good as Local Burger (for that type of fry) but they were okay. My husband had a burger and he said it was very good. His only complaint was that the lettuce was kind of tough, especially compared to the lettuce in the salad.

          It's Thursday night and the place was hopping. It kind of reminds me some of my favorite pubs when I lived in Philadelphia. I think they'll be around for a while and I think they will be very popular with the younger crowd, although there were several gray-hairs there tonight (or QTips as my friend used to say). I think I read that they have poetry readings and other types of entertainment on certain nights, and there's a pool table upstairs.

          We will definitely go back and try something more interesting next time.