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Where To Buy Pita or Flat Bread That is Only Water, Flour, Salt.......

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Or similar? Do not want chemicals, preservatives, etc.
Whereas it is possible to find risen, loaf breads, of this type I cannot find the above.
Well, I know one brand but it is not sold in NYC area.
A commercial, store bought version or if there is a shop that makes it, also fine.
I prefer a bit of puff to it. Not the really flat, dry nasty 'pita pockets' that are prevalent.
Even the versions I have seen in Whole Foods type stores are quite rubbish but I am sure
I do not know every brand.
Not really looking for naan(clarified butter or whatever) but if it is a version that uses a quality
fat(most do not, even those that many will say are tasty), I will listen.
Location not important, I will decide if it is too big a hassle afterwards. Thank you.

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  1. http://www.yelp.com/biz/queens-pita-f...

    queens pita in kew gardens hills has what you seek