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May 4, 2012 06:01 PM

Where To Buy Pita or Flat Bread That is Only Water, Flour, Salt.......

Or similar? Do not want chemicals, preservatives, etc.
Whereas it is possible to find risen, loaf breads, of this type I cannot find the above.
Well, I know one brand but it is not sold in NYC area.
A commercial, store bought version or if there is a shop that makes it, also fine.
I prefer a bit of puff to it. Not the really flat, dry nasty 'pita pockets' that are prevalent.
Even the versions I have seen in Whole Foods type stores are quite rubbish but I am sure
I do not know every brand.
Not really looking for naan(clarified butter or whatever) but if it is a version that uses a quality
fat(most do not, even those that many will say are tasty), I will listen.
Location not important, I will decide if it is too big a hassle afterwards. Thank you.

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    queens pita in kew gardens hills has what you seek