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May 4, 2012 05:10 PM

Best Chicken wings I'v eever eaten, in Mt. Laurel NJ.

Church street at the junction of Academy Drive - next to the Ramblewood apartments.

They had been there for several months, but I was not really a chicken wing fan. I always sort of picked out the clearly meat sections, and tossed the fat/skin/veins/yuck.

This place has SINGLE HANDEDLY changed my opinion of chicken wings. They are AMAZING. They use QUALITY chicken.

Its largely a take-out food place. But if you want to impress your friends and save some alcohol overhead - buy your beer locally, pick up up to 100+ wings, and have a party. These wing are truly AWESOME.

Only complaint is that they don't give enough blue cheese dressing.

WOW. This is the first review i've places, and I have been a lurker for YEARS.

Go - and Go now.

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  1. Is the name of the place Church Street Chicken? If not, please let us know the name. Thanks.

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