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May 4, 2012 04:01 PM

Chicken and Waffles in DC

So never had chicken and waffles, but what can be bad about fried chicken and waffles. I hear Atlanta is a good place to go, but considering I live in DC, i don't think I will be going there soon. Any suggestions? I work on the Hill and live in Upper NW. I hear Art and Soul has it sometimes. But if there is a place not sketchy around the Hill i am game.

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  1. What do you mean by sketchy? Oohs and Aaahs on U Street is the place to go. If you think that U Street is too sketchy...well, that in and of itself is troubling...but Churchkey on 14th has it more upscale too.

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      no U st. isn't bad. it used to be iffy, but now its better. i meant like Eckington or Anacostia.

    2. What can be bad is if the chicken isn't all that good or the waffles aren't all that good, or if they put honey over them, this dish can be boring with lame efforts all around. The best waffles are at Locolat. Savory Belgian waffles (I especilaay like the garlic, pesto, or wild herbs.) Since it is a Belgian place, they do not serve it with fried chicken, but you can get a Queen's Delight, which is topped with chickens and mushrooms in a cream sauce. These waffles will spoil you for the others out there. The best fried chicken is the smoked then fired chicken at Ray's Eat of the River - again this trupms fried chicken elsewhere. It is located on the other side of the Anacostia River in NE DC, but not in Anacostia which is a specific neighborhood in SE DC.

      There is nothing sketchy about any of these destinations. They are all safe.

      1. I recently read an article about the best fried chicken in the US. On that Top 10 list was chicken and waffles at Birch and Barley. I think they serve it at brunch only. I often disagree with these lists, but still, the article caused me to put this on my radar screen.

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          @saxman930 - what exactly do you mean by sketchy and are you going to make the same comment in all your postings? Most restaurants on U St serve chicken and waffles the pairing was created at the Well Supper Club in Harlem NY around 1938

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            The Birch and Barley version is wonderful - definitely worth hunting down a brunch reservation.

            1. re: kathleen440

              They serve brunch all day on Sunday. I found that out one time by accident when I booked a reservation for Sunday evening. they do serve more savory things around dinner.

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              I've had birch and barley's and they were indeed very very good. They had excellent fried chicken, very flavorful.

              Founding Farmer's would be a distant second for me.

            3. Marvin's on 14th just past U Street has GREAT chicken and waffles. Enjoy!

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                Marvin's waffles outright not as good as Locolat.

              2. I was at Founding Farmer's on Pennsylvania Avenue a couple of weeks ago and noticed that they had chicken and waffles on the menu. We didn't order it but the couple at the next table did. It looked really good, but I cannot give any first hand impressions of how it tasted.