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May 4, 2012 01:54 PM

Suggestion for fine dining near Sheraton Downtown Atlanta


Any suggestion for fine dining restaurant nearby Downtown Atlanta that I need to try?
Or somewhere easily accessible with the subway?

My budget is $100 for the Chef's tasting menu.

I saw Bachannalia and Restaurant Eugene menu, they seems interesting, but it seems that they're pretty far from downtown.


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  1. My favorite hidden gem is One Eared Stag, conveniently located across from the Inman Park/Reynoldstown MARTA station. Lots of small plates, lots of variety, and I think spot on with everything I tried from pig to mussels.

    I don't think I've seen much about OES on CH. Perhaps someone else has and can weigh in.

    Not over the top expensive, but really really good, inventive, and well executed. It's no Bacchanalia or RE, but it's about as good as it gets in a town where I have yet to be REALLY wowed. Whether it meets your criteria for "fine dining" I'm not sure, but you may check out menu and see if it does anything for you (which changes daily if I recall).

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      Off topic, but if you're wanting to be really wowed, I'd check out the restaurants out at The Ritz-Carlton Lodge at Reynolds Plantation or even The Georgian Room at The Cloister on Sea Island. They are, of course, not "in town" but are well worth the effort to get there in my opinion.

      1. re: 1POINT21GW

        Sadly MARTA doesn't go to Sea Island.

        Relatively speaking Bacchanalia isn't that far from downtown....the train doesn't go there.

        Eugene is excellent (superior to Bacchanalia) in my humble opinion (no train there either).

        You could try Woodfire Grill grand tasting ($90). I've wanted to do that. Again, no train.

        The only one I can think of near the train line is 246 in Decatur. You can do the "chef's counter" for $50. That is fun. Drew the chef is a nice guy.

        1. re: rcburli

          No. 246, Cakes & Ale or The Iberian Pig are all good choices and on MARTA. One Eared Stag was decent but not in the same orbit as the three mentioned above.

          Another choice could be Empire State South, it is in Midtown and a short walk from the MARTA station.

          Let us know what you choose.

          1. re: samlev

            I just mapped all the suggestion into Google Maps, it seems like Empire State South fit the criteria. I would love to try Eugene or Baccahanlia, but kind of feeling cheap to spend $25 for taxi, and $50 for round trip, That's money another dinner at different city : )
            I can't see tasting menu on Empire State South website, do you know if they offer tasting menu?

            1. re: lgusti

              Oh, I do like ESS but haven't been in a while and forgot about it. There is mention of the tasting menu on their website, lower right corner.

              Heads up: Don't know when you're planning to eat, but looks like Friday May 11 is a "special dinner" prix fixe.

              1. re: birgator

                I bet that's one of the events leading into the Food & Wine festival. We went last year and had a blast- courses by Frank Stitt, Ben/Karen Barker, and Hugh/Ryan. Not sure what the deal is this year.

    2. I see we are in the same situation.
      I did call Restaurant Eugene. You can take Marta from downtown to the Lindburgh station then get a taxi to go 3 blocks..yes, its about 20 dollors one way. I was thinking doing the taxi going back in the evening..

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      1. re: Daphna101

        Going there this weekend, I think I'll go with ESS since it's easily accessible by the train.
        Will let you know if ESS is any good.

        1. re: Daphna101

          FYI, the distance from Lindbergh MARTA to Eugene/Holeman is more than "3 blocks." It's a little less than 2 miles. Cab fare would probably be $5 to $8- there used to be a Buckhead flat rate, not sure if that's still in effect. FYI, it's about the same distance straight up Peachtree from the Arts Center station.

          1. re: ted

            Thank you Ted.! My trip is 6 wks away and I am getting even more excited. The rational behing spending cab fare for 2 miles make me feel better then spending it for 3 blocks..*especially in heels..LOL..

            1. re: Daphna101

              OK, report from Atlanta.

              I had great fun at Empire State South. I was there for a "Special Event" dinner for one of their chef who is leaving Atlanta to Italy.
              I have their 5 course meal with wine pairing.
              Food was good about a solid 8.

              The restaurant is easily accessible from MARTA, I feel quite safe taking the MARTA.

              Let me know if you have any questions. I hope you'll enjoy your trip at ATL