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May 4, 2012 01:54 PM

Niagara-on-the-Lake. 3 great dinners?

We'll be attending the Shaw Festival next month and would like recommendations for 3 great dinners. Like regional cuisine, fish, Italian or French. What are the best places for good drinks, food and wine with pleasant ambiance and good service?

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  1. My favourites:

    Charles Inn. An upscale Frenchish restaurant, but very elegant and with a fabulous duck entree (roasted duck breast on a bed of duck confit and vegetable hash with a butternut squash creme brulee - at least as of last Septermber). It's right on the main drag in downtown NOTL.

    Stone Road Grill. (Niagara Stone Road at Mary St.) Local cuisine, arguably the best food in NOTL. Not the most elegant restaurant, but still quite nice.

    Treadwell's in Port Dalhousie is quite good, although not up to the standards of the other two. I really liked the sommelier - very knowledgeable, and we had a nice discussion about some of the winemakers we both knew.

    1. Though not exactly in NOTL, but If you have a car, I would add Peller Estate and Hiilebrand to Ted's list as well!

      1. We visit NOTL on a fairly regular basis and it never ceases to amaze us how few great options there are for the types of meals you describe. The restaurant I can whole-heartedly recommend for having consistently delicious food and terrific service is Stone Road Grill. Consistency is important IMHO and unfortunately other options have been hit and miss for us.

        Southbrook Winery cares about their wine and food and once their pizza patio starts up, it's another wonderful option.

        1. Whatever you do stay away from the Shaw Cafe!!

          1. I will preface that this might sound strange however my SO and I have been frequenting NOTL for the past 10 years. We come by boat and stay at the yacht club at lease 3 times a year. My most favourite place to eat is the Angle Inn. It is old, haunted and pub food but great food for a relaxed dinner. My next recommendation is the Queen's Landing either Bar or dining room area. Again good food, good service and very enjoyable

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              Just back from NOTL. Last night ate at Tiara, the restaurant at Queen's Landing. Terrible service. Food - appetizers were okay, mains good but my beef was not hot enough (still warm so not worthy of sending back), the desserts were excellent but.....we arrived at 6:45 and it was over 30 mins before our pre-dinner drinks arrived. The guys left for a smoke so I had to give the orders (couldn't take chance of server having to come back). The mains didn't arrive until 8:35 ( I recorded the times as I wasn't sure if my dinner mates were being impatient). So almost 2 hours from arrival to eating main dish and the appetizers were delivered not much before the mains. Desserts ordered at 9 but they did arrive in good time. The server did apologize for the delays but no offer to make up for the delays.

              We did ask what caused the delay but server had no response. Considering the price and rating of the venue...I would not recommend it to friends.