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May 4, 2012 01:53 PM

Need advice from people who cook and eat organ meat

I don't. I don't eat it and I don't cook it. But I'm going to make a special dish for someones birthday who does. The theme is BBQ. I am thinking of making a Fatty with organ meat inside. Google BBQ Fatty and you'll get an idea of what they are. I am thinking testicles, brains and sweet breads with jalapenos, bacon and cheese. I know this person likes all three of those. What I don't know is would those things go together and if so what spices and how should they be cooked? It will be wrapped in the sausage and then smoked until the sausage is cooked. Should I pre cook the organ meat?

Any suggestions welcome.



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  1. I would not include brains in the recipe, but the rest works. The organ meats would not necessarily need to be pre-cooked, as long as the cooking time is long enough to ensure they're cooked through inside the bacon layer. Be sure you get a good quality meat grinder to prepare the organ meats so you can accurately control the coarseness of the organ meat so suit your intentions. As for seasoning, anything you might use in preparing sausage should work just fine.
    In determining when it's "done", I'd use the highest USDA recommended temperature for the ingredients being used. For example, if USDA lists heart safe at 145 degrees and liver at 165 (I don't have that data at hand so you'll need to do the research yourself) I'd use the 165 temp.
    While you're doing your research, read as many recipes as you can for each of the types of organs you intend to use before deciding on which you'll use. Some of them are much better fried.

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      I wasn't planning on grinding the organ meat. In making a Fatty you roll the sausage out flat and then place your filling in the middle and roll it up like a big cigar. The organ meat willbe the filling, along with jalapenos, bacon and cheese. Then it's cooked on the smoker. When done you take it off, let it cool a bit and slice into 1/2 inch rounds for serving.

      The organ meat will be cut into 1/2 inch pieces. This is why I was considering cooking it a bit before rolling. As much for taste as doneness. Suate with some onions?


    2. Neglected to mention that I sometimes use chopped chicken gizzards in place of Escargot for Burgundian Escargots With Spaghetti .... pretty good. But I cook the gizzards before adding them to the recipe.

      1. Go for beef heart.....grills up real great, top with grilled onions, some bacon and a little blue cheese, on a baguete....