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May 4, 2012 01:45 PM

Lunch/dinner must-hits between Boothbay and Bar Harbors?

I'll do some more searching on this board as it looks like there are already some great suggestions, but we'll be spending a week in Maine in August and plan on visiting from Boothbay Harbor to Bar Harbor throughout the week (home base will either be St. George, Stockton Springs, or Trenton). Will be traveling with a two year-old, but we appreciate good food - any suggestions for lunch/dinner spots?

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  1. If your range is Boothbay to Bar Harbor (and are selecting only ONE homebase) I would recommend you stay in the Midcoast area (St George would qualify, though I may tend to point you to the Rockland/Rockport/Camden locale). That gives you the bonus of being somewhat "in the middle" geographically...but also quite "in the middle" of the food scene too. The best restaurants on the coast north of Portland are in that region...

    1. Here are a few of my favorite places from Booth Bay to Bar Harbor.

      Bar Harbor :
      Morning Glory Bakery- amazing baked goods; tasty sandwiches & soups (available “to-go”)

      Fathom - fresh, local ingredients

      Booth Bay:
      The Lobster Dock - great seafood; kid-friendly

      Moose Head Coffee Beans - serves kid favorites like smoothies & baked goods; free internet stations and WI-FI

      Primo - fresh, local ingredients

      Fathom and Primo’s are finer-dining options but if you booked an early dinner, I don’t think either one is too pretentious for a well-behaved child.

      Also, check out Damariscotta ( for lots of kid-friendly, good lunch options, plus the Skidompha Library on Main Street has an excellent children’s play area and activities. When in the area, you're not far from Pemaquid Beach ( which is a white, sandy beach with calm water suited for kids, plus decent restroom/shower facilities.

      1. Thanks for all of the suggestions. We've actually decided to stay on MDI in Southwest Harbor, so any suggestions on Island would be much appreciated. Thanks again!

        1. One of my favorite places in Maine is Chase's Daily in Belfast. Wonderful vegetarian food with a killer bakery and lovely farmer's market. Great place to go with a toddler!