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May 4, 2012 01:28 PM

High-end-ish restaurants near the airport... ?

are there any? A friend asked me for a recommendation, but there aren't any that I'm aware of. What about within a 15 minute radius?

A remember there being a steakhouse nearby, way back when.. but I don't remember what it was good, nor if it was good, nor if it's still open...

/edit - Found it. Zorro's. Haven't been there in probably 10 years. Anyone know if it's any good?

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  1. Via Allegro is a not too far?

    1. I went to Zorro's about 5 years ago for a business lunch. It was meh in my opinion.

      Close to the airport there is a Keg restaurant on Dixon Road. Also on Dixon is a high-end Chinese restaurant called "Grand Chinese Cuisine" inside the Double Tree hotel. Other than that it's mainly mid-priced chain restaurants surrounding the airport.

      If you're willing to travel the distance to Via Allegro (just ate there last weekend...delicious!) there is also La Castile Steak House & Tavern on Dundas. It's like a huge medieval church/castle on the inside which makes for good table conversation.

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        I second the Grand. I really like this place for friends who have only a few hours stop over in Toronto. It's conveniently close to the airport and the food is consistently good. I really like some of their dim sum. My favourites are scallops and king mushrooms in rice noodle roll, scallop dumpling with pork, chinese chives, and shrimp, pan fried turnip cake, thousand layer pastry, and pretty much all the sweet dim sum. For dishes, I like their spicy pan seared shrimp with mushrooms and pumpkin, any of their chicken or duck, and deep fried tofu with spicy minced pork.

      2. Topiary's Steak & Seafood on Derry east of Airport Road.

        1. If you go to Zorros make sure you get the table side Caesar salad. Zorros and Aristotles in Mississauga have the best Caesar salad in the city to my knowledge

          1. Closest is Zachary's at the Bristol Place. La Castille and Topiary both excellent. Went to Zorro's last year. It was pretty bad.