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May 4, 2012 01:06 PM

Dinner with baby in Pittsburgh

I'm going to be in Pittsburgh overnight this weekend with my son, who's 7 months old (and obviously, not eating enough to be of consideration). I need somewhere to eat where I can eat decent food without worrying about him being a nuisance or getting odd looks. (I.e. I could just give in and go to Chipotle but would rather not.)

I'll eat pretty much anything except for Thai, and I'll be around Oakland (with a car, so there's some flexibility).


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  1. The Church Brew Works, in Lawrenceville might be a great choice. I wouldn't call it kid friendly, but 7 months old isnt like a 4 year old running around. It's a very unique space with pretty good quality food, seating is spaced out and the place is loud enough that it shouldn't be a problem if you have a minor "eposide" or two!.

    1. I think anywhere that is pretty lively will be fine with a seven month old. Of the top of my head -- thinking about Dinette, BRGR, and Verde. Lots of kiddos always at Point Brugge -- but either come early or late or there will be a wait.