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May 4, 2012 12:43 PM

Whole Foods coming to Albany

we always said that after trader joe's comes whole foods and it's happening again. can wegman's be far behind?

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  1. One would think so, but I hear about a non-competition agreement b/w Golub (Price Chopper) and Wegman's; I have no idea if it's true or urban legend.

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    1. re: gerchak198

      as price chopper has now opened a few locations in western ny, that deal may be out the window.

      1. re: gerchak198

        There seems to be more evidence developing that the non-competition agreement is a myth.

        Price Chopper in Marlborough, MA. and Wegmans in Northborough, MA.are less than 10 miles apart.

        Price Chopper in Binghamton, NY and Wegmans in Johnson City, NY are about 3 miles apart.

        Price Chopper in E. Syracuse, NY and Wegmans in E. Syracuse, NY are 2 miles apart.

        Price Chopper now has 4 stores in the Syracuse area.where Wegmans has 9.

        1. re: Roger K

          I've heard the same story for some time, but that it is a "gentleman's agreement" that I'm sure no corporate officer would ever acknowledge due to legal liability like the FTC getting after them. Those overlapping stores appear to be in their fringe areas. It might be hard to imagine that each store would enter their respective central markets (no pun intended, or not?) like the Capital District and Rochester. Although in business, you never know.

          1. re: markabauman

            I like to think of it as a Venn Diagram. Yes, there is overlap in some of the areas in between, but you just don't see Price Chopper west of Syracuse and you don't see Wegman's east of Syracuse. Since MA isn't home turf for either, I'm not surprised they have both stores there.

            1. re: markabauman

              I just heard about the agreement for the first time the other day. Also learned that DiBella's (Latham and Albany) is from Rochester as well.

        2. Good to see that these chains are acknowledging that NY exists north of White Plains (Hartsdale, in TJ's case). Maybe there is hope for those of us in Northern Westchester, or Poughkeepsie.