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May 4, 2012 12:13 PM

Chow meet-up at Dali - report

I volunteered to write up a feeding frenzy at Dali last night, participated in by several ’hounds who are longtime contributors to the WFD thread over on Home Cooking, two of us local, two from the UK. I had never been to Dali before and neither had our British friends so we ordered a huge variety of different items to try, which of course is the point of tapas anyway. We were so busy gabbing that we only thought of pictures as we were swallowing the last bite, so sorry, no visuals.

We ordered:
First Round:
San Jacobo | Zucchini filled w/Serrano & Manchego, breaded & fried
Pa amb tomàquet | Toasted country bread rubbed w/garlic cloves, vine- ripe tomato & drizzled w/olive oil with anchovies on top
Patatas Bravas | Deep-fried Potatoes w/Piquant Tomato Sauce & Alioli
Gambas al Ajillo | Garlic Shrimp
Solomillo en Tostada | Beef Tenderloin w/Pimento on Toast

Second Round:
Espinaca Catalana | Spinach, Catalan Style, sautéed with pine nuts, raisins & sherry
Vieiras al Azafrán| Broiled Scallops in Saffron Cream
Lomito al Cabrales | Pork Tenderloin w/Blue Sheep Cheese & Mushroom
Chuletillas | Grilled Baby Lamb Chops w/Peach Sauce
More of those amazing Patatas Bravas

No wonder I have not been hungry today! Everything was delicious, my favorites were the patatas bravas, although greedy thing that I am I could go for even more of the two nice sauces on them, and the pork with cabrales dish, which I have every intention of attempting to replicate at home in the near future. The spinach, which was a special, was a particularly nice foil to the very rich creamy things we got in Round 2. I think we did a nice job of sequencing, with the richer stuff later. There was a basket of warm bread to sop up the sauces, which believe me got sopped up!

Two desserts rounded things off, the Fresoles, which are deep-fried giant strawberries still with their stems on, in a pool of creamy sauce, with strawberry sauce and strawberry ice cream, and churros, deep fried dough with a dark chocolate dipping sauce. I must admit that I partook of neither but I am reliably informed that they were delicious.

As ever, really fun to meet other ’hounds and share good food.

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  1. Wonderful meeting both you and Harters and Mrs. H, and glad you (hope you!) all had a great time and enjoyed the feast. I'm still craving the zucchini fritters with serrano and manchego.

    And IF you make the Lomito al Cabrales, we'll want to hear about it on the WFD board. :-)

    1. Gretchen - I must say, I couldn't wait to read your recap. All that food sounds fantastic. No wonder you are not hungry today. And how wonderful to share that with Linda, Harters and Mrs. H. We are all envious of you all. Glad everything went so well.

      1. very nice! patatas bravas are a weakness of mine, as is pa amb tomàquet. Glad to hear you showed our British friends a delicious good time. I'm sure they enjoyed the hell out of it.

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        1. re: mariacarmen

          So that *is* the way to spell pa amb tomàquet, mc? I could have sworn it used to be pan con tomaté on their menu, but this is what was there last night when I got home. Regardless, they were a nice change up for me!

          1. re: LindaWhit

            it's the Catalonian spelling of it, Linda, you have it right as to the Spanish spelling!

            1. re: mariacarmen

              In catalan it is also sometimes just called pa amb oli which is just bread and oil, omitting the tomato.

              1. re: StriperGuy

                It's usually amb tomaquet in Catalonia and amb oli in Mallorca (perhaps the regional dish of the island). Either way, Dali's version was excellent.

                TThe lamb chops were also excellent but I think my favourite dish was the gambas -very like gambas pil-pil (except there was no chilli)

                Andthe churros were bang-on.I've had these for breakfast in Andalucia, dunking them into a cup of hot chocolate but here, served as dessert, they came with an intenslyflavoured chocolate sauce,thankfully, not too sweet.

                Good food. Good conversation. A fine evening.

                1. re: Harters

                  Ahh, Harters - there *was* a chili pepper in there, but I removed it and put it on the side of the cazuela. Sometimes the chili flavoring is stronger; but last night was very mild.

                  And churros for breakfast? Oh MY, be still my heart! :-)

        2. Their lomito al cabrales is one of my favorite dishes in town.

          1. That food sounds amazing though I expected nothing less as LW has been writing about the wonderful food at Dali for a long time. I am definitely going to try it on the next trip to Boston.

            So glad you all had a great meal.