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May 4, 2012 12:12 PM

NOLA resident looking for more workday lunch options in FQ!

I work on N. Rampart and Toulouse and it is a total lunch break desert. I usually bring my lunch, but I'm stuck on the days I forget. Anyone have any suggestions for something cheap/healthy(ish) in the FQ or CBD? I usually just end up running to the Einstein's (yuck) in the Tulane School of Public Health for a bagel. Sometimes I go to Royal St. Deli, but it's expensive and can take a while. Just looking for a simple sandwich (NOT a po-boy) shop. I have to eat at my desk so something sit-down won't work.

Oh, and I don't eat meat, only some fish...

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  1. As far as I know, your simple sandwich doesn't exist. I've been working in the Quarter for about 6 years and I haven't found anything that really scratches that itch. I agree with you on Royal St. Deli, I quit going there after a couple bad experiences and it is definitely weirdly pricey for what you get.

    Moon Wok at Dauphine and St. Ann has a tofu banh mi that you might check out. Mona Lisa on Royal has a couple veggie sandwiches but they're pizza place style, like eggplant parm. La Boucherie coffee shop on Chartres has a good variety of sandwich options at lunch, but that's kind of a hike from where you are and it wouldn't be worth the trip for me. Subway? Just kidding.

    In the CBD there's The Store on Gravier, City Greens on Poydras, and Merchant in the Maritime building on Common. I think they'd all fit your criteria but again are kind of far.

    1. Toulouse Street Grocery -- Dauphine Street (between Toulouse and St. Peter). Cheap but good sandwiches. I always start with a ham and cheese when vetting a new (to me) cheap grocery. If the quality of the meat and cheese is acceptable, then I start trying their other things. It passed the first test several years ago. So, for about $4, you can get a BLT, a quite acceptable tuna sandwich, to name a few. They have good daily specials as well, and they are my "go-to" for my Monday red beans and rice. Not sure what their minimum is, but they deliver. This should not be an issue, since you only have a two block or so walk to get there.

      Directly across Dauphine Street is Vacherie. Excellent soups. Other stuff looks good, but usually more than I can eat at lunch and function soon thereafter.

      1. Verti Marte
        on Gov. Nicholls and Royal delivers as does the Quarter Master on Bourbon and Ursulines...these are not eat-in places.

        1. Is Merchant at 800 Common St. (betw Baronne & Carondelet) too far? Nice sandwiches, several with no meats (cheeses, though), plus crepes and crostini. See menu here:

          1. Royal Street Deli is suddenly gone, to be renamed and opening at the St. Vincent Guesthouse in the lower Garden District. I will miss them. Didn't work for me for lunch because the price/ginormous portions but enjoyed many a meal from them. I hope they succeed in their new space, but sad I can't just pop in at whim on my way home or order delivery.