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Simply Prepared Local Soft Shell Crabs in Baltimore

bmorecupcake May 4, 2012 12:09 PM

Lately I've been trying to fry up soft shells at home. It's getting expensive, cutting off the face still makes me queasy, and my results haven't been so good. I usually get my soft shell fix at Catonsville Gourmet, but I started this adventure after a couple mediocre experiences there (uneven cooking, taste of old oil.) I want to take a break and get a decent soft shell crab sandwich, or any other simply prepared Maryland soft shell crab. Anyone have recommendations for Maryland soft shells around Baltimore? It can be carryout or a sit down restaurant, doesn't matter.

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    Vidute May 4, 2012 08:21 PM

    Patrick's in Timonium prepares a simple pan-fried softshell crab. It's not on their regular menu, only appears as a special when soft crabs are in season.


    1. h
      Hue May 4, 2012 02:07 PM

      Cupcake....the best you are gonna get is the ones you make yourself,,, get to reliable seafood retailer...Faidley's or maybe Franks in Jessup... have them clean the crabs for you.

      Cook as soon as you can...in a saute pan melt a few tablespoons of some good high butterfat butter. Dredge the soft crabs in some seasoned flour (salt and pepper only). Place the crab in the heated butter. You don't wanna fry the crab but just saute them, five to seven minutes per side depends on the size of the crab. Try to keep the pan loosely covered,

      From the pan to a simple sandwich..regular old white bread(it's just a handle to eat the crab with) a slice or two of nice flavorful tomato, a little iceberg lettuce and some mayo(or not)

      or from the pan to a plate..deglaze the pan with some lemon juice, reduce it a tad and spoon it over the crabs,

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