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May 4, 2012 11:37 AM

Flying into Jacksonville-driving up to Savannah

Because the flight is MUCH cheaper, we are flying into Jacksonville & driving a rental up the coast to Savannah in 2 weeks. Does anyone know of any spots to stop for lunch on the way? We'll take BBQ, seafood or whatever the locals are having that day! Thanks!

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  1. I'd eat fried shrimp at B&J's Steak and Seafood in Darien, GA:

    Ironically enough, the very first review is by someone who made the exact same drive you're going to make.

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      B&J's is the best bet for shrimp near 95, if you want a scenic detour 30 minutes off of 95 to St Simons Island, Southern Soul is the best barbecue in the area. Tuptim Thai on 341 in Brunswick is the best food within a mile of 95.

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        This place is #1 on my list. Thanks 1POINT and beteez!!!

      2. Skippers in Darien is also good. And I like Zachary's off 95, where you get off to head to Jekyll Island.

        1. Get off I 95 in Jacksonville at Exit 353 C on W Union St. and go about 8 blocks to Pearl and take a left to Jenkin's Quality BBQ which is home owned by the Jenkins' Family for over 50 years. Get off I 95 at Exit 373 and go W to Callahan's BBQ.
          Jenkin's Quality BBQ @ 830 North Pearl Street, Jacksonville, FL 904 - 353 - 6388.

          Callahan's BBQ @ 45007 State Rd 200, Callahan, FL 904 - 879 - 4675.
          Get off I 95 at Exit 1 and go W on St. Mary's which turns into Scrubby Bluff Rd. and go to Jack's BBQ. Or you can get off I 95 at Exit 3 at Kingsland, GA and cross E King Ave. to Boone Ave. which is the next street then take a left to Blue's BBQ at the Chevron Market for good BBQ.
          Jack's BBQ @ 1359 Scrubby Bluff Rd., Kingsland, GA 912 - 729 - 1500.
          Blue's BBQ @ 1330 Boone Ave. Extension E, Kingsland, GA 912 - 576 - 8682.
          Get off I 95 at Exit 29 and go W on Highway 82 about a mile to Gary Lee's Market for good road food.
          Gary Lee's Market @ 3636 U. S. Hwy. 82, Brunswick, GA. 912 - 265 - 1925.
          Get off I 95 at Exit 49 to the right at Darien, GA and go NW on Highway 251 less than a mile to Smokey Joe's BBQ. It is between two hotels on the left and has excellent pulled pork.
          If you want the best fresh seafood on your trip get off I 95 at Exit 49 in Darien, GA to the right and go E on Highway 251 to Highway 17. Take a right on Highway 17 and go S for 1.2 miles. Turn right on Broad St. just before crossing the bridge. Go one block and take your first left on Screven St. and have some outstanding fresh seafood at Skipper's Fish Camp. [size=3 font="times new roman"].
          Smokey Joe's BBQ @ State Hwy. 251, Darien, GA. 912 - 437 - 2555.
          Skipper's Fish Camp @ 85 Screven St., Darien, GA 912 - 437 - 3474.

          Get off I 95 at Exit 58 at Townsend, GA to the right on Highway 99 and go less than a mile to Highway 17. Turn left and go N about 2 miles to Pine Harbor Rd. Take a right and go E about 2 miles to Sepelo Station Crossing and fantastic fresh local seafood and hand cut steaks.
          Sapelo Station Crossing @ 1172 Pine Harbor Marina Road, Townsend, GA 912 - 832 - 3555.
          Get off I 95 at Exit 67 at Townsend, GA to the right and go S on Highway 17 for 1.2 miles then take a left going E onto Harris Neck Road just past a small church. Go 5.7 miles E to the Jessie Grant Road and look for the purple OSD sign on your left. Turn to the right at the sign for about 100 feet to Old School Diner for the best fresh seafood around. OSD is open for dinner Wednesday/Saturday and Noon to 10 PM on Sunday. They are closed on Monday and Tuesday. This might be the best road food you will have on your trip.
          Old School Diner @ 1080 Jesse Grant Road, Townsend, GA 912 - 832 - 2136.

          Get off I 95 at Exit 76 at Midway, GA and go E on Highway 38 to Sunbury Rd. Take a left and go to Brigantine Dunmore Rd. Take a left and go to Sunbury Crab Co. which is open for dinner serving outstanding fresh seafood. This might be the best place you stop for the seafood is outstanding.
          Sunbury Crab Co. @ 539 Brigantine Dunmore Road Midway, GA 912 - 884 - 8640.

          Get off I 95 at Exit 87 at Richmond Hill, GA and go W on Highway 17 half a mile to Smoking Pig BBQ next to the BP Station on N side of Highway 17. The ribs and chicken are excellent. This is probably your best stop for BBQ in GA.
          Smokin Pig BBQ @ 3986 U.S. 17, Richmond Hill, GA. 912 - 756 - 7850.
          Get off I 95 at Exit 102 at Pooler. GA and go W on Highway 80 4/5 blocks to Don's Famous BBQ.
          Don's Famous BBQ @ 217 US Highway 80 E., Pooler, GA 912 - 748 - 8400.

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            WOW-I want to stop at ALL of these places, Littleman!! I might not make it to Savannah!! Thanks for the directions too!!!!

          2. Depending on what strikes your fancy, and FWIW, I like half-kilo's suggestion (BJ's in Darien), beteez's reco re: Southern Soul BBQ (get the fried okra side), and meljohn's reco re Skippers, which has the added advantage of a view. Have a great drive through some beautiful country.

            You all set for Savannah? There's plenty of discussions - including many that are recent - that should pop up in a search.

            1. Really only rom for one stop.B&L restaurant ,in Darien,cooks shrimp the way it needs to be cooked.It is right off the boat,tender and sweet,not overcooked like so much seafood.You will find a reason to come back.