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NY Style Cheesecake Recipe in a Food Magazine from the Early 80's?

joepiccaso May 4, 2012 09:56 AM

I read some older posts about locating a cheesecake recipe from an old magazine. I too, am looking for an old NY Style Cheese Cake Recipe from the early 80's, maybe from the very early 90's, but I feel certain it was the 80's. It had a shortbread type crust with lemon zest, and was plain, no flavorings or toppings, no sour cream topping, though I believe it suggested a strawberry topping. It was long process and expensive to make. Lots of cream cheese, sour cream and eggs. It used a spring-form pan, but I do not remember it calling for any water bath. I never cut the recipe out and my wife discarded all of my old magazines, my Fault! I can't remember the cover, but I believe it also, had an Onion soup recipe, and whole wheat bread recipe in it as well. I could kill myself for not writing it down. This was before I had scanners and computers to keep up with them. I actually thought it was from a magazine called "Epicurean," but it could have been "Bon Appetit," or "Gourmet." I don't remember, but I'm almost positive it was early 80's. The ones in the other posts sound good, but don't sound like the one I remember. I don't remember any nuts, pecans or walnuts, in the crust. It definitely was a shortbread crust with lemon zest. The onion soup recipe was to die for as well. It used a stock made with soup bones. Anyway, maybe some of you remember this. Thank everyone. Joe

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    magiesmom May 4, 2012 10:45 AM

    This sounds like the recipe in the new Joy of Cooking made with a shortbread crust, which they also have. I made it from a friend's copy but you can google and see. it is an excellent cheesecake, no topping. I remember it was started at a very high temp and then a low one. I think it calls for cream but I used creme fraiche.

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      Marge May 4, 2012 10:55 AM

      This is the Joy of Cooking recipe, sounds like what you're looking for


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        joepiccaso May 4, 2012 11:16 AM

        Thanks, Ladies! That sure sounds like it. I did see it in an old food magazine back in the early 80's and made it a few times, but quite awhile ago. I'll try this. Thank you so much! Now I need to locate that French Onion Soup recipe that was in the same magazine. There was something special in it others didn't have. A spice or something, like nutmeg. I'll keep looking. Now days, I can scan and save these things on my computer.

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