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May 4, 2012 09:13 AM

Now that I am home.... [moved from Italy]

Of course I am missing the food terribly now that I am home. I will try and replicate some things in my own kitchen, lacking some of the ingredients I am sure.

Does anyone have a website or cookbook recommendation, in English that will help me out? I would especially love something that had a lot of ER specialties. I have Marcella Hazan's book, I think some of it will make more sense to me now.


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  1. The Splendid Table (Rosetto Kasper's first book) focusses specifically on the E-R cuisine and is excellent. If you go over to the Home Cooking board, that book was cookbook of the month last fall and there are long threads of recipe reports. You can also ask your question over there.

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      Thanks Jen, I will check out that book.

      I wanted to ask on this board because of the true Italian focus, not North American. Not to say that Italians don't post on that board, just pretty sure North Americans out number them...

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        You are right, but i can predict that this item will get moved over there pretty fast once the moderators spot it. Just the nature of the Chowhound beast. Im not aware of any English language cookbook that does a better job than rosetto kasper (and marcella, she is from romagna) at capturing the cuisine of that region. Italian language cookbooks are a whole different matter.

    2. Although not ER focused (Tuscany focused), I really like Twelve. It is broken down to 12 chapters, one for each month of the year, so you can see what the Italians (more specifically Tuscans) would be cooking in any specific month.

      An Italian friend of mine suggested the Talisman Italian Cookbook.

      The following blog was compiled by a group who posted a review of each recipe in Marcella Hazan's cookbook - each person cooked a recipe and wrote about how it went and most included pictures. Marcella even comments on many of the posts.

      1. I don't know it personally, but see what you can find about The Silver Spoon. It's a translation of an Italian cookbook, and I gather that in the most recent edition measurements have been converted from metric, which they hadn't been in the first American edition. It has recipes from all the Italian regions, not just Emilia Romagna, but being Italian and much more recent, it probably assumes - rightly or wrongly - that the correct ingredients are available, which it seems Kasper's much older book couldn't and didn't.

        Some of the recipes are online in Italian at; you could take a look at a few with the help of Google Translate to see if they appeal.