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May 4, 2012 09:05 AM

Kosher wedding places in Long Island

Hi, my fiancé and I are looking to have a Kosher wedding in LI. We're considering a few options but do not know anyone that's been to an event at these places recently (last 3 yrs). Has anyone been to or had their wedding/bat or bar mitzvah etc. at either Temple Israel of Great Neck, Temple Beth-El in Cedahurst or the East Meadow Jewish Center?? All seem like great places, we are just looking for personal references or recommendations.


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  1. Checkout The Woodbury Jewish Center (WJC). Grew up in the neighborhood and have been to dozens of bar/batmitzvahs in the mid-90s and then recently several weddings there. Their glatt kosher food is fantastic. ... the caterer is Morrell. who also does catering at Temple Israel in Lawrence.

    WJC is really beautiful, designed in the early 90's and very well kept (and funded!)

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      I wouldn't recommend anyone book Morell at the Woodbury Jewish Center while the Center is in court trying to evict the caterer.


      This is in no way a comment on Morrell or the quiality of their catering. I am an attorney and this young engaged couple will have enough stress planning a wedding without the threat of booking a caterer who may not be able to cater at the chosen venue. Why look for trouble? After the caterer and the JC settle the legal issue then decisions could be made.

    2. I've been to a wedding at Temple Israel in Lawrence- it is an absolutely gorgeous space, I highly recommend it. We loved the cocktail hour food as well, but what is most memorable is the beautiful synagogue itself. Good luck!

      1. What I wrote in another Chowhound post bears repeating..........
        "SRJC has been my wife's family temple for over 30 years and they did our wedding. I have attended about a dozen weddings and B Mitzvahs over the last 20 years at SRJC. Mary is in charge at DeLux/SRJC and she is very nice and tries hard to make the event a success. Having just reached the end of a full year of B'Mitzvahs as my daughter turned 13, I have been to more Long Island temple parties recently then I can count. So what have I learned from all this as a Chowhound? You get what you pay for. No single temple was superior to the others at every price point. It seemed that the big money events served higher quality food and better tasting food regardless of the location. Passed h's of pigs in a blanket are pigs in a blanket everywhere, and are not as enjoyable as lamb chops, which were the same wherever they were served. Set your budget and see who will give you the best stuff for that price. Otherwise just go with who has the best chapel.
        Congrats and Good Luck."

        Additionally, and with the understanding that I am a member of Temple Israel of Great Neck, my opinion of its food is that it is nothing special. A bit underwhelming. We had the party for my daughter at the Swan Club. It was during the time the catering was down because of the fire. I would not have had there even if it were operating as I had the non kosher option.

        1. Crest Hollow Country club is beautiful and the food is very good. I have been to several weddings there. I believe they allow a number of kosher caterers.

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            They have their own cater in house. The food is fine, not outstanding but you get good quality for the price.

          2. I have only been to Beth El out of the three and it was probably within three years ago. It is a very nice place and people like the winding staircase there (nice photo opps). The place is elegant and I like that there is a separate "smorg" room and reception room. Can't comment on the actual shul/sanctuary since I was there for a Bar Mitzvah party. The place was decently sized but probably wouldn't hold a very large party (over 250?). I can't specifically remember the food, but it was probably good.