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May 4, 2012 08:59 AM

Cinco de Mayo - Easy Dish for a Group

hello- we have been invited to a Cinco de Mayo party where the host is dishing up rice and beans and asked the guests to each bring a potluck dish. I expect that it will need to serve at least 15 people and as I have a full schedule tomorrow, easy to make. Any ideas?

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  1. One of my fav pseudo-mexican dishes is Budin Azteca; a layered casserole of corn tortillas, shredded chicken, poblano chilies, tomatillo sauce, shredded cheddar and sour cream.

    You could easily make this with a store bought rotisserie chicken, make a quick green sauce whizzed up in the FP or blender. After blistering a few chilies, basically all you have to do is assemble and bake.

    Here is recipe I like as a guidline.

    Realize this recipe is from a Brit, so look at the note on chilies; get fresh poblanos and roast like the original this post was inspired by. Also, the pic they have up looks wierd; they didn't fill the casserole to the sides, which I had never seen before. For the size group you want to feed, double everything. Mixed white and dark meat from a rotisserie chix should be just about perfect for this. Remember, too; other guests are bringing things, so you don't need a giant serving for everyone of your dish, just some, as their will be other things to fill the plate that they bring.

    There are other recipes out there, but some use a red sauce, which is not correct in my experience.

    Anyhoo, this is rich, and great with a little shredded lettuce and cilantro on top, served with your hosts rice and beans. Happy Cinco!

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      Hi - I noticed that I was getting traffic from Chowhoud to my Budin Azteca recipe and thought I'd come to say how thrilled I am for other people to be using / adapting my recipe.

      As you mention, and I do in my post, there are some non-standard elements to my recipe - firstly, using Ancho rather than Poblano, and secondly in the way the dish was layered.

      The Ancho/Poblano thing is because over here in the UK it's very difficult to get hold of most of the chiles used in Mexican cooking. However, since the original recipe was posted I've managed to find a local charity who are growing various chiles for me under glass - so for certain months of the year I can get hold of poblano, jalapeno, serrano and some other peppers.

      The presentation thing was because I'd never seen a Budin Azteca in the wild so I was largely guessing what it should look like. Since then I've realised that it's more of a lasagne style layered dish and changed it accordingly.

      Anyway - thanks for the linkage :-D

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        Oh.. and I've been successfully growing my own Tomatillos - in fact, they've grown like crazy.

    2. One easy dish you can make it Chile Verde, green chile stew. I prefer pork, but chicken comes out nicely too.

      You can slow cooker the dish too. Basically it's chicken or pork, a 4 oz can of roasted green chiles, chopped onion, garlic, herbs (oregano and bay), jarred green salsa and broth. You can also add tomatillos.

      1. Thank you for the ideas!

        1. Pork roast in a slowcooker with roasted green chilies, onion, cumin... and anything from there (chicken boullion, cilantro, jalapeno, diced tomatillos, diced anahiem chilies, garlic). You could keep it pretty simple or add ingredients as you are able. Bring tongs to serve, it should fall apart.

          1. OK, so I left it too late to try the slow cooker ideas, but as I use my slow cooker a lot, I have printed them out for future use. I ended up making the Budin Azteca, but substituted ground beef for chicken as it was on a good sale yesterday. Also, the Mexican aisle at my grocery store was decimated by yesterday afternoon, so no tomatillo sauce. Had to make do with enchilada sauce, which I had to spice up because it was really bland. However, it turned out deliciously and the tray was totally wiped clean a the party. Many, many thanks!

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              Good to hear your version of Budin Azteca turned out well. It's one of my go-to potluck dishes. Since getting the recipe from Diana Kennedy way back in the 70's, it's not one that I consider "psuedo-Mexican". It's terrific made with a smoked chicken, btw. Yummy!