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May 4, 2012 08:25 AM

En route from Grand Canyon to Phoenix - delicious bites?

I'll be traveling from the Grand Canyon to Phoenix in a couple weeks-- we'll be departing the canyon in the morning, and have a flight out of Phoenix airport that night, we'll plan to be there around 9pm.

We're planning some sightseeing/hike stops, but wanted to know if there are any delectable food stops off of 17 that are can't-miss destinations? We are from NYC, so are particularly into things that are unique to the region, and more of the "cheap eats" variety, we are NOT afraid of dives! And then maybe a quick bite in Phoenix proper for before the plane ride.

If anyone wants to add can't-miss sights along that route, too!


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  1. Sounds like you have time to take the 'scenic route' via Sedona (turn-off just south of Flagstaff thru Oak Creek canyon). Several good dining options in Sedona.

    Honestly, once you get past Flagstaff (and if you stay on I-17 instead of veering off to Sedona) there aren't many foodie options (at least that I'm aware of). I would be better to just arrive in Phoenix early and dine someplace not far from the airport, but I'd rather stop by Sedona instead.

    1. Once you get to Phoenix, Gallo Blanco is a nice option. It may be a little pricier than you have in mind, but the divey, cheap places I'd recommend are all closed on Sunday. I like the menu at Gallo Blanco, short, but covers a lot of tastes.

      A more traditional Sonoran style place is Rosita's Place.

      Both places are reportedly open until 10:00pm on Sunday, but, you might call to confirm.

      1. If you want to head slightly into Flagstaff for a meal Beaver Street Brewing Co is nice and would be a good stop.

        Rock Springs Café is fun. It is about 3/4 of the way from Flagstaff to Phoenix and is right off the I-17. It is fun and certainly has atmosphere, decent food and very good pie.

        If you make it all the way to Phoenix there is a great dive on the North end of the city. Also just right of the I-17. Chino Banditos.

        Another place near the airport where you could grab a fun bite is the Cornish Pasty Co.

        1. Emily, I'm from NYC, and learned northern Arizona doesn't really have a regional cuisine, and Phoenix follows Los Angeles (very very slowly) food wise. if you're just looking for tasty, then...
          in flagstaff, there is a Nepalese/Indian place that's quite good - Himalayan grill.
          in Sedona, I usually get sandwiches as I find the food there overpriced and subpar. good sandwiches here but weird hours, days off: Sedona memories on jordan rd.
          in Phoenix, go to pizza Bianca if you have time. go early, sit at the bar, it'll be faster. best
          pizza, and I'm not joking. if you can't make it, get fish tacos at gallo blanco.

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            Pizzeria Bianco is the restaurant referred to here.

          2. I'd hit up Carolina's Mexican on E. Mohave in Phoenix before hitting the airport. It's almost walking distance and the food is awesome. Plenty of good reviews on here if you look.

            They're open until 7:30 weekdays and 6 on Saturdays. Not at all on Sundays.