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May 4, 2012 04:46 AM

around the 9th or Opera

still hoping for a few suggestions for the 9th near Opera for a woman eating alone... please, please...

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  1. My best recommendation would be for you to make friends with the #95 bus which runs right through this area and runs frequently and until midnight. Taking it south, you can get off at Palais Royale and dine at Au Gourmand (or Le Souffle, or L'Ardoise). Riding north to the Leige stop, to new Neva. Both of these restaurants are welcoming and well served, quite appropriate for a single woman diner.

    1. Per usual Mangeur is correct. If you would provide an address we could give you some places that would be within easy walking distance.

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        thanks but in fact I just got back. Went to Jean's after reading the posts on it, very good but really allowed myself to get pressured into taking the 4 course tasting menu instead of the 3 - with a glass of champagne and glass of wine it set me back 91euro. I also went to The Vaudeville one evening as well, not sure if I think it was so fab but it didn't make me ill. Honestly, one of my favourite little Brasseries is close to Printemp - called L'amore...