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May 4, 2012 04:29 AM

FINALLY! Good sushi can be had in Southern Ocean County!

Several months ago, In the little strip mall at the corner of Route 9 and Bay avenue, the Dunkin Donuts was replaced by a place called Asian Gourmet - quite frankly when I saw the sign I had one of those groan moments, like we really need another Chinese takeout place around here, and in the back of my mind gave them a year at best. I received a promotional mailing the other day which included their menu - I looked it over and was guardedly optimistic and pleasantly surprised - they tout themselves as a "Chinese and Japanese Restaurant Sushi Bar", and also offer a limited selection of Thai offerings.

To make a long story short I plunged ahead and picked up a takeout order on my way home from work yesterday. Boy was I happy when I opened the bag - the sushi I'd ordered (4 different specialty rolls) was really easy on the eye - the spider roll was covered in gorgeous salmon with a generous dollop of caviar on each piece - the tiger roll was wrapped in marbled seaweed and drizzled with eel sauce, the Asian Gourmet roll consisted of a hunky piece of lobster tempura , mano, tuna, salmon, and yellowtail with black tobiko - and finally the Mexican roll was my husband's fave (he's the heat connoisseur in the house) - spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, avocado and jalapeno encased in a yellow soy bean wrap. Traditionally, when we get a serious hunkering for sushi, we'd drive up to Kanji in Shrewsbury - but let's face it, who wants to drive a two-hour round trip on the GSP when 20 minutes will suffice? While not quite as good as Kanji's sushi, this was not far off . We also had an order of shrimp shumai - they couldn't have been more delicate and melt in your mouth.

They've really done alot of work on the place - I was very surprised when I went inside to find an actual sleek black lacquer sushi bar - the ambiance is there - I think next time we'll eat there. I hope they make it - that particular strip mall is cursed by the really awkward access to its parking lot, as well as the Route 72 bypass. I'm hoping that some CHers that read this might stop in for some sushi on their way to LBI this season!

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  1. Interesting, The switch to the Chines place happened well over a year ago, back before the now closed BBQ, was even open. I pass it at least once a week, without a thought. I did notice that within the last 5-6 weeks, their sign changed. Looks like the same Name, but different design. Then the Sushi Bar banner went up, hum... so maybe gotta try it. Pan Asia on Rt 9 in Forked River has nice sushi. The place is located in the Applebee's complex behind the AT&T place.

    Since tomorrow is May 5, you know I will be at Senor Frog. But a stop at the sushi afterward is a possibility.


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      I hope you like it. And, regarding an earlier exchange we had regarding Mom's Fish and Chips, I take it all back. The chef that I loved was apparently NOT the owner, and he has left. Since his departure the place has gone noticeably downhill - not as clean, surly teenaged cooks and counter help - not the same. A shame.

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        For those not in the know, this restaurant is located in Manahawkin. Here is an interesting article about the restaurant and their landlord.

        1. re: bgut1

          Ironically, the barbecue place mentioned in this article is already long defunct...

          1. re: newfie29

            Yepper. I am now wondering, since the Japanese place is so small and far less take out looking and acting, if they will be expanding into the BBQ location?

        2. re: newfie29

          Stopped in just after my Senor Frog lunch to pick up a menu.. Inside the place has changed a lot!!! Really looks like new management/owners. The Menu shows a big take-over by Japanese foods now. I will certainly have to give it a try.