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In the city of Los Angeles, what restaurant has great prime rib at a reasonable price?

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  1. What is a "reasonable price" to you? Everyone has a different calibration when it comes to value vs price. The best prime rib as far as I am concerned is at Lawry's. Here is my review from last year: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/767480

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        After eating all that meat, how did you have room for a Sundae?

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          Like Joey Tribiani on the Thanksgiving episode of Friends, when he tried to eat the whole turkey by himself, I made sure to wear my "maternity" pants to dinner that night... ;-D>

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        Depending on the cut of prime rib, Lawry's charges $35 - $53. Tam O'Shanter, owned by the same company, charges $$27 - $37. I'd rather go to Tam O'Shanter.

      3. Morton's (Friday nights).

        1. Lawrys is consistent and the dinner includes an excellent salad, mashed potatoes and yorkshire pudding. Their baked potatoes are delicious as well as the mushrooms. While it is not inexpensive it is fairly priced. Lawrys is a bit touristy and a bit of a production but it's an enjoyable evening. Bandera in West L A has excellent prime rib.

          1. ok, don't laugh now, but Tasty Garden in Monterey Park. Thick cut of medium rare rib roast for only 16.95. comes w/ 2 sides and spaghetti. lol.

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              I'm not laughing, but is this a joke? When I Google "Tasty Garden" I come up with Chinese restaurants, one in Alhambra and another in Monterey Park. I'm afraid that the website under that name appears like a lure to download malicious stuff. The Yelp reviews (sorry) for either do not include website links or menus.

              Your Chowhound profile page lists lots of posts, centered in the SGV, so you very well may know what you are talking about. More info please. It is difficult to envision a busy Chinese kitchen with cleavers chopping and woks flaming, with a big roast of prime rib slow cooking in some oven to the side.

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                    No not a joke, it's hong kong style cafeteria restaurant and has select western dishes. It's not the greatest but good for the price and value IMHO.

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                      I haven't been there, but based on my knowledge of the way Chinese people tend to eat their steak (cooked all the way through to shoe leather consistency) it's hard for me to believe it would taste very good. Prime rib, after all, should be bloody to medium rare.

                      Mr Taster

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                        In general, I would say prime rib is sometimes good, most of the time not, but way better than a steak at a HK cafe. The center will be bloody to medium most of the time if ordered that way. It is the sauce or a jus used that makes or breaks it at these types of places.

                1. Late last year, I happened to have prime rib at three locations, Lawry's, Houston's in El Segundo and the Wood Ranch in Camarillo. The surprising winner was Wood Ranch, although Houston's was very good as well. Lawry's was the biggest disapointment to me especially for the high price.

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                    According to the corporate website: Bandera's (Brentwood) -- prime rib w/ mashed potatoes, $33. Houston's (or is it Hillstone's? 202 Santa Monica Blvd.) -- prime rib w/ french fries, $33. Neither mentions the size of the cut.

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                      if the OP plans to have wine with the prime rib, Houston's/Hillstone's might be the best bet financially presuming they still offer free corkage.

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                      Not to be anal about this, but neither Wood Ranch nor Houston's in El Segundo are in "the city of Los Angeles" per the OP.

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                        While Ogawak ate the Camarillo location of Wood Ranch, Wood Ranch does have a Los Angeles location at The Grove.

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                          Thanks, Norm Man. Though I ate at the Wood Ranch Camarillo and Houston's El Segundo, both have LA locations. But the Tam O'Shanter sounds like a great idea. Hot fudge sundae? I'm there.

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                        Crossed my mind. Too far and VERY expensive. Thanks to everyone who replied. It will be Tam O'Shanter.

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                          Please report back! I've always wanted to try that place.

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                            C.C. BROWN’S HOT FUDGE SUNDAE also at Tam O' Shanter too.

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                              Just looked at that on the menu. Any dessert prepared tableside = yes please!

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                              FYI, Dal Rae has cuts from $33 to $44. Not sure that makes it much more expensive than Tam O'Shanter ($27-$33).

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                                Lawry's is better than it's brother restaurant Tam O'Shanter.

                            3. When you say "prime rib"... I immediately think of LAWRY'S! It's great! A very classic ambiance, traditional ambience that is known for their Prime Rib. They have a great variety and cater to all kinds of 'appetites.' Don't forget to order their sautéed mushrooms! Hope my suggestion helps!

                              1. For me, a great prime rib is one roasted in a rock salt shell and I don't think most places prepare it that way.

                                1. Skip lawry's. The place has been consistently going downhill for several years. The place is being run like a corporate restaurant(which it is). They are pushing their house wine more, taking away little things like cherry tomatoes from the salad etc. Who knows what else they are cutting corners on? As far as I can tell the flavor has been getting worse every time I go back(unwillingly, a lot of friends like to go there for special occasions.)

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                                      I'll go ahead and offer a dissenting opinion and say that the prime rib I had at lawry's last year was the same quality as the one I had from lawry's 4-5 years ago.

                                      I was actually better than I remembered, and that spinning salad is awesome.

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                                        I have to agree with you. For many years in the 80's and 90's I used to visit an uncle and aunt over the Christmas holidays. Lawry's was their traditional Xmas Eve dinner spot. I had fond memories of it, but perhaps because I was there with my young cousins.

                                        Last week I was visiting Hollywood and invited them out to dinner. My uncle chose Lawry's and he had some kind of coupons for it. I was very disappointed. I think that my favorite part of the meal was the homemade potato chips that we had while we waited. The bone-in prime rib was OK I guess. The salad, mashed potatoes and creamed spinach were OK too. The whole meal was OK, but nothing more. The waitress was friendly and efficient. I kept thinking that we could have gone to Musso & Frank, where I had a far superior short rib meal 5 days later.

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                                          I've had prime rib at Musso's many times. And more at Lawry's. Lawry's is far superior.

                                          The best I think is the prime rib at The Palm. But I'm perfectly happy with Lawry's. I haven't been to Lawry's in around 4-5 years. So I can't vouch for any inconsistency (but I kinda find it hard to believe they would change it).

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                                            If you notice, choco-guy isn't comparing the prime rib at M&F to Lawry's. He's comparing a dinner he had of short ribs at M&F. Completely different things.

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                                              Yes, I'm aware of that. Not sure which post was less appropriate. Mine or his.

                                              But I thought the comp might fit into this discussion. Love everything about Musso's - except the food.

                                      2. When I was working out in Torrance, I stumbled upon some great prime rib at The San Franciscan, and old school pub/restarurant. Definitely not Lawrys in terms of ambience; its a dark, but comfortable locals place, with a somewhat older clientele.

                                        Prime rib portions were very generously sized and perfectly cooked and tender. And a half pound dinner is less than 20 bucks and includes soup or salad, and choice of potato. Plus they're also open for lunch.

                                        I've been trying to find something similar in my neck of the woods in the SFV with little success.


                                        1. I'm going to throw out some more options that haven't been mentioned:

                                          Pacific Dining Car
                                          Carlito's Grill

                                          1. I was going to suggest you roast some yourself -- prime rib is ridiculously easy, and choice bone-in roasts are occasionally as low as $4.97/lb. at Ralph's.

                                            Then it hit me -- a lot of the deli areas at upscale Ralph's do hot meals to go, with prime rib as an option. I think it is meat, two sides, maybe a roll for $9.99 or less. I'm sure they sell the prime rib by itself, all cooked and ready to go. It always looks good and smells fine when I pass by, so the main issue is getting the doneness you want.

                                            1. Thanks all for your replies. I appreciate your very helpful reviews and suggestions.

                                              1. The whole experience at Lawrys cannot be beat. The traditional room - spinning salad bowl - yorkshire pudding - formal service... The tatse of the actual meat is good and consistent but Bandera's prime rib is just a little better.