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May 3, 2012 10:16 PM

Looking for great food in Copenhagen but have kids

We're traveling from San Francisco to Copenhagen in June with our 2 kids (8 and 4). They are relatively well behaved and we do take them to nice restaurants in San Francisco, NY or wherever we travel. Most places are generally ok with the kids, although we haven't taken them to French Laundry level restaurants.

Which top restaurants in Copenhagen might tolerate our bringing the kids to dinner with us? We're on the waitlist for Noma and plan to get a sitter at the hotel if we can get in. I'm hoping there are some great restaurants that are not too formal where we can bring the kids with us. My older son is an adventurous eater and loves great food (like me). We always end up finding them something to eat, so the menu isn't as much of a concern.

Also, are there any fun, casual places that we should try?
Any local specialties that we shouldn't miss? As long as there's some good food to be had, we're up for checking it out!

Thanks a lot for your help.

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  1. I am currently in Copenhagen (may 9-13)

    I'm going to Ida Davidsen at some point tomorrow (lunch resos at Geranium but I'm hoping to do both) which has 200+ kinds of smorrebrod (Danish openfaced sandwich). They are awesome. An adventurous kid might like those. I'll report back to see if it's kid friendly.

    Just got back from Tivoli... Definitely good for kids!

    Also the Danes seem to really like hot dogs (with dogs overlapping the buns). There are stands everywhere.

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      Ida Davidsen was closed! At 5:45 pm on a Saturday! So sad :(

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        Thank you for your recs. We've read good things about Geranium so might check it out. Hot dogs are always good, esp for lunch on the go. Thanks!

    2. From my personal point of view Ida Davidsen is not really worth checking out for its food, purely for its historic merits and endless menu! Instead I would opt for Aamanns or Schønemanns in terms of Smørrebrød (Open Face Sandwiches). At those two places you can be sure to find quality as well as something typically Danish! Aamanns has both an "Etablissement" where you can dine in a tradional way and a take away branch just next to it, which is very casual! At the restaurant you'll find a selection of smørrebrød as all well as prober "nordic dishes"! Very recommendable both!

      Schønemanns is a great place, I've seen plenty of kids there, even though it is a place where alcohol is consumed in vast amounts, but only since it is a traditionally complimentary to the smørrebrød! It's great - you shouldn't miss it, and I am quite sure both your kids will find plenty they like!

      Hope you enjoy our fair city!

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        I loved Aaman's. I had a fish smorrebrod but the Danish cheese with plum compote I had for 'dessert' is STILL on my mind!

        Also, I went back to Ida Davidsen.. 3:45 pm on a Friday and I couldn't get in without a reservation! I tried Schonemann too but they close at 5:00... So disappointed. If you plan to go to either, plan ahead! As a result, we went around the corner and had a satisfying smoked halibut and a smoked eel smorrebrod (both with chives, tomato and scrambled egg) instead. It was not a kid friendly establishment though. A family came in and left after being greeted! Oh, Groften restaurant, inside Tivoli, has a good selection of smorrebrod and the service and atmosphere were both great.

        Can you tell I became a 'little' obsessed while I was in Denmark?! Haha.

        More on my hot dog note, check out Andersen's Bakery. They've been around forever and their hot dogs are HUGE! I don't like hot dogs but my husband's looked impressive. Not to mention the baked goods are also amazing.

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          Thanks for the recs! Aamanns and Schonemanns sound great. The menu at Schonemanns looks overwhelming, any favorites that we Must try?