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May 3, 2012 09:43 PM

Going to Three Rivers/Yosemite

Hey ALL- Road trip time!!
We're driving to Three Rivers from LA to do the river rafting thing and then on to Yosemite..staying at the Tenaya Lodge. I need yummy places to eat please! We barely ever get days off so would love to enjoy great food and drink while we do that. Any suggestions at all?

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  1. did you ever find anything delicious? heading up to three rivers myself.

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      Three Rivers is pretty tiny, mostly conservative locals and a few tourists going up to the Park. Hard to keep a year round food concern going. Have not lived there in years, but doubt too much has changed. Sierra Subs near the North Fork bridge is pretty good, and the candy shop Reimer's, about 1/3 mile up the road, is definitely not as good as Huffakers used to be, but some nice handmade ice creams. No fine dining as far as I know.

      Do some 3R chowhounding, and report back please! If you pass through Visalia, Mavericks Coffee House has some good beans and brews.

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        thanks for the reply. what about some fine dining within about 45 min drive? no chef got out of the big city and wanted to open something awesome out there?

        1. re: euroskip

          Go to Visalia. Vintage Press is very good.
          I would check this board and do a search for threads on Visalia.

          1. re: euroskip

            I'll ask a friend who lives in Ivanhoe near V'burg. He'd know about town.

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              I'm a little late to the party here, but I'm a Visalia native, and lived in Clovis last year/this year through May. Also used to live in Chicago so I know what "real" fine dining is.

              There's nothing in Visalia I'd consider "fine dining". Even the Vintage Press is sort of.... dated. It's nice but sort of old fashioned. But, my personal favorite for something nicer is Cafe 225 on Main Street. It's not super fancy, you can still wear jeans, but the food is good. You can also go to Exeter, which is on the way to Three Rivers from Visalia, for some great small-town locally owned restaurants like Monet's.

              In Three Rivers, I'd suggest you stop for a treat at Reimer's. They make a lot of their own candy and all their own ice cream. Been around for forever, we would always stop there on our way up to Mineral King when I was a kid.

              If you want to make the trek up to Clovis, Trelio is about as good as it gets in the area, very excellent food & wine list. It's very small though so you probably want to do reservations. The chefs/owners used to work at Erna's Elderberry House which is actual fine dining, it's up in Oakhurst sort of the way to Yosemite.

        2. We're going to Tenaya in two days? What did you find for lunch, dinner? Anything else notable at the lodge or nearby?