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May 3, 2012 07:39 PM

Are you a recipe hoarder?

I am. A lot of the hoarding is on the computer but I’ve printed several that I KNOW I’ll never make. But for some strange reason I can’t throw them out. Cause maybe one day when I’m feeling inspired I’ll make that “interesting” dish.

What about you? Any confessions?

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  1. I used to clip recipes and have box but now...with a computer ...I have a book all organized and now with pinterest. I love to look at them and get ideas.

    1. BIG TIME. Recipe boxes, 3-ring binders, computer, 450 get the idea.

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      1. re: sandylc

        me too

        and can't bring myself to get rid of any of them - even though I know I could never find a recipe again sometimes if I wanted to - especially in my 3 ring binders.

        1. re: thimes

          Ha...I can't even remember them all, much less locate them!!!

          1. re: thimes

            Oh! I forgot to mention....I have 20+ years of Gourmet magazine, also!

          2. re: sandylc

            Sandy, You are my secret twin!!!! :-)

          3. If I want a recipe, I save it in .doc within a folder on my desktop. And to be honest, even though I am relatively young/just-starting-out, I have no interest in acquiring paper-cookbooks--I have a small apartment, and they just take up space.

            1. Oh by gosh, yes. I have two binders full of handwritten, typed and computer typed recipes. Recipes ripped from newspapers, I have multiple recipes for the same item. For example, I know I have at least 5 recipes for crab cakes, 3 for ratatouille, 4 for chicken francais and on and on.


              1. humbly suggest you test them, fix 'em up, and publish them here so we can all benefit. Eh?